Tuesday, December 27, 2016

no investigators

Monday- We had our zone pday at the park! We played some good sports like kickball, dodgeball, and then just some random games! It was super hot outside but it was fun! After Pday we had to go and clean our flat because we had an inspection the next day! After we cleaned the flat we made some dinner and went to bed!

Tuesday- We did some tracting in the morning in the 40 degree heat and man I was sweating from every part of my body!! When we got back for lunch we ate and then chilled out in the bedroom where the air conditioning is! Then we went and saw a less active named Frances! He is an RM and its sad to see RM's who have gone less active.. doesn't make sense to me! It was a good time getting to know him though and the lesson went good! Then after that we did some more tracting until we had to go to the chapel for splits! Then for splits we went and saw some people and had some good visits!

Wednesday- We had service in the morning for Carmel and we just mowed her lawn and did some cleaning up for her! Then we went back home and got changed and drove to Mortdale to get my comp a new Opal card (the card that we use to ride busses and trains) After we got back from that we went and did some GQing at the station! Then after that we went and saw the Newlands and had a lesson with them!

Thursday- We went in the morning to try and find some good sun hats because we are sick of getting cooked while we tract haha we didn't find any that are approved for missionary standards but we will keep looking! After that we did some service for Leni Latu and helped move around some furniture and what not! Then we went and did some finding at the train station until we had dinner at the Ah Mu's house! It was a good dinner with them and they are an awesome family!

Friday- We had DTM in the morning where we just had a good discussion on answers to questions that we have or our investigators have! Then after DTM we stayed and practiced the haka for a little bit and then we went and picked up a new workout machine from the side of the rode! Bro Ah Mu helped us to pick it up! Then we went and did GQing at the station for a couple of hours until dinner at the Matamuas! We had a solid lesson with them about doing missionary work and hopefully something comes from it!

Saturday- I was on tradeoffs with Elder Laga'aia and we literally tracted all day haha! It was pretty good we didn't really find anyone, but it felt good to work hard! At the end of the day we went and got some dinner where a member works and she gave us a really good discount so that was a blessing from a long day of work haha!

Sunday- We had ward council before church, then we had church which went really solid! It was a spiritual sacrament meeting about the true meaning of Christmas and everything was way good! After church we went and tried to follow up on some potentials with no luck, so we went and saw Bobby, who is a less active member! We talked to him for awhile and played with his puppy pitbull! Then we went and did some GQing at the station. Then we had to go to another companionships flat and talk to them because they are having some issues with each other, so we just tried to talk to them and see what is going on! Hopefully they can continue to work it out haha!

So the work is pretty slow here right now! We have 0 investigators and not too many less actives that are willing to come back. We are finding like all day every day it feels like and its tough to find people to teach right now because everyone is so darn busy hahaha! All is well though! We just gotta keep putting our shoulder to the wheel and pushing along! :) I hope you all remember the true meaning of Christmas and that you keep Christ in your heart and mind all year long! Remember He is the gift! Love you all have a good week! Merry Christmas!!

Elder Jenson

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