Monday, August 24, 2015

Laterrrr, Provo

Today is the day... 12 days in Provo is waaaaay too long for anybody, so Elder Jenson will be leaving for the land down under today around 5. He has a few layovers, one in San Fransico and one in New Zealand until he arrives to Sydney on the 26th of August.  
Hello Everyone!
I leave for the land down unda today! This week flew by compared to last week it was crazy! I'm so excited to get out of the MTC! Here's the rundown of what went on this week.

Monday- That was P day and man what a day that was! I was able to do my first batch of laundry ever so go me! It was a good day that I was able to just relax and get some stuff done! Then around 5 we had to get dressed again to go to class but it was awesome because my two teachers here are such awesome guys!

Tuesday- My companion Elder Yardley and I got to teach an investigator named Olivia, and it was kind of a rough lesson for us. We hadn't really had a rough lesson the whole time we had been here so we weren't used to it. We didn't really feel like we brought her closer to Christ which is the main goal of every lesson. We dwelled on it for a little but we just got to the point and said that we'll do better the next day with her! We also had a member of the 70 Elder Echo Hawk who talked to us about exact obedience which is what i'm trying to do everyday and Its tough so it'll be a process but i know with my effort and help from the Lord it will happen.

Wednesday- We taught Olivia again and this time we centered our lesson with her on the first vision and the Book of Mormon. Focusing on the Book of Mormon was awesome! The Spirit was so strong during that lesson and it was so successful! We really brought her closer to Christ! I would invite all of you to read the testimony of Joseph Smith inside the Book of Mormon than to read the last two paragraphs of the introduction page, then read the Book of Mormon from cover to cover and ask God with a sincere heart if it is not true while you read everyday and gain for yourself a testimony or a stronger testimony of the Book of Mormon.

Thursday- My companion and I went to play volleyball with our district and we wore flip flops to the court because it is in the sand, and we had to walk all the way back to our residence to get closed toe shoes because I guess its a safety hazard to walk to the sand court in flip flops... haha we really had to keep our cool haha but once you get over the anger you feel dumb for being mad but you feel good for letting it go. I'm not perfect but i'm trying to be more Christ like everyday!

Friday- We had in field orientation where we learned about contacting in public places, how to use our daily planner, and how baptism is central to our purpose here in the mission field! It was a cool thing but it got long haha and made me tired.

Saturday- We had our last lessons with investigators and it was a sweet experience! We had to say bye to our two teachers, Brother Anderson and Brother Craw! These two guys made the MTC so awesome and they taught me so much!

Sunday- We had usual sacrament service and devotionals which all went good! We had another member of the 70 come and talk to us and he spoke on what we stand for as missionaries and that we need to be strictly obedient.. so I guess its important if they keep talking to us about it haha just kidding I know it is important! I had to say bye to Andrew Olson, and Jake Ulrich last night which was tough but I know we are doing the right thing and serving the Lord. Then we had to say bye to all the Elders who left this morning at 3 am! I became so close with my district so it was hard to say bye. We became good friends with the Elders in the room next to us and it sucked saying bye but a lot of us are from Utah so we will be having a reunion when we get back!

Well thats my week! next time we talk i'll be in Australia! Love ya heaps mates!!
I tried to add a few more pictures but I'm new to this blog thing and I can't figure out how to load more than this... so this is all you get for now! Until next week...
Last Class with his teachers at the MTC

Temple walk with Elder Marshman, me, Elder Miller (larry h miller's grandson), Companion Elder Yardley, and Elder Williams

Branch President

Elder Miller (Larry H. Miller's Grandson)

Selfie game is STRONG! Elder Gibson, Cam said he reminds him of Dano, he really loves this guy.

Where in the world is Carmen San Diego..

Had to say goodbye to Andrew Olson today.

Last goodbye with Jake..

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