Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 1 in the MTC

It's about time we hear from Cam, he is doing well and has enjoyed his first week in the MTC. Here's his email from the first week.

Hello everyone! The MTC has been so awesome so far! The first day i met my companion and he is awesome! We have become bestfriends! his name is Elder Yardley and he is from clinton utah and he will be running track at BYU after his mission! Our district has 6 elders and 4 sisters.. half of us are going to sydney australia and the other half are going to micronesia guam! They are all so nice and awesome to be around. The Elders all get along well and it is all laughs and good times all day long and we all work way hard and strengthen each others testimonies and spirits! The food here isn't too bad honestly and its all you can eat so can't complain about that. My companion eats his food faster than me which is the first person i've met who can do that hahaha. Everyday we have classes along with personal studies, companionship studies and district doctrinal studies. We have taught 3 lessons so far. 2 to two different "investegators" and one 40 minute lesson to a member from UVU. The spirit truly guides you while you teach with your companion and while you study. I've never been so prompted by the spirit in my whole life!!! Being a missionary is awesome and I love this work! I fly out next monday and arrive in Australia the 26th pretty crazy that i skip the 25th of august! This work isn't easy but we learned from a talk from Elder Bednar that this mission isn't for us so get over yourselves and I love that! My knowledge of the gospel has already been strengthened so much and It's crazy how much I can already teach in the matter of 5 days! The spiritual message i'll share with you is my favorite thing i learned of the week yesterday. The character of Christ is something we all need to strive to have, that character is to turn outwards when you want to turn inwards. Stop worrying about yourself and overcome the natural man in you that makes you want to focus on yourself. Always look to help others instead of focusing on your own problems and you will be blessed! Feel free to send a dear elder letter from receiving letters is the best! I'll try to send pictures if i can get them to upload! the church is true!!!!!!! 

Much love,
-Elder Jenson☺

That hour for P-day went by way too fast! Here are some pictures from this week, thanks for all the support from our family and friends, we couldn't ask for anything more!
Elder Jenson and his district

what a cute little bed... I'm sure it's soooo comfy

He's got huuuungry eyes

tie from Bekah, so handsome.

District of 6 Elders and 4 Sisters

Elder Ham from Timp... Not sure if he knew him before the MTC or if he just met him there, its a mystery.

Temple time with his district

lots of missionaries... Who are they all? We don't know.

such a good photographer...

FRIENDS of cam.. does anybody know who this Elder is? haha cuz we have no idea but cam sure looks happy to see him.

such hard workers.

Look who Elder Jenson ran into again... 

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