Monday, February 8, 2016

Transfers!! He's in Merimbula, Australia

So I have been transferred!! I am now in a new area called Merimbula! It is a small town about 6 hours away from my old are hahaha I am in the bush!! Merimbula is a small resort town that heaps of people come to for vacation because it is a nice beach town! It is so beautiful here and I love it, I just feel like I am camping haha. I saw my first kangaroo ever today as well so that was pretty dang awesome! My new companions are, Elder Cherrington from Tuscon Arizona and he is the man! We came out together in the same intake and he is just a stellar missionary and an old friend from the mtc so that is awesome! Our other companion is Elder Laga'aia who is like a special missionary from North Sydney! He is so awesome! He isn't really that special he just has ADHD and struggles with teaching in lessons. He is so happy all the time and so positive and I love it! He loves talking to people and he is so good at it! I lucked out with my comps! 

So I don't have my journal to write about this past week so I will make sure I have it for next weeks letter! It was way sad to leave Sutherland! I made so many great friends there and I know I will be in touch with them even after the mission! It is weird coming from the city to the bush haha I am in a branch and it has about 30 people in it and it is made up of a lot of children haha which is way new for me! I am going to have to do some adjusting but luckily I have awesome companions to help me do that! We do heaps of service here which I am happy about because I like service :) We did some concreting this morning so I am following in my daddy's footsteps haha! Yesterday was all driving for like 6 hours! It was so long! Bright side Elder Yardley was with me in the car haha he drove and I was shotgun rider! He is the man and it was so good to catch up with each other! He is in my zone but we are 3 hours away from the closest elders haha so I won't be seeing too much of anyone for awhile! Sorry this is a small email. I just forgot my journal and there wasn't too much that happened my last week in Sutherland other than Emma Kendrick got baptized on my last sunday in the ward! All is well here for me! I miss you all and I will get a better email next week haha! Have a good week! :)

TOO MANY PICTURES TO LABEL... Hell on earth...


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