Monday, February 1, 2016


So this week was pretty good! I am short on time today so the email is going to be a quicker one haha so here we go!

Monday- had breakfast at a members home, then we went and did emailing. After emails we went to the mall and shopped then just played sports like every week. After that we had dinner at the Liehrs home for FHE and it was the bomb as usual!

Tuesday- Straya day mate!!! We had a stake bbq in the morning and after that we did service for two different families and that went good. After service all day we went to the Kendricks for some delicious dinner! Pretty fun and fast day! Australia day is just like the 4th of July back at home haha so it was fun!

Wednesday- Visited a 104 year old lady in the ward and she is doing so good for her age! She credits it all to the word of wisdom! She even gave us a referral! She was awesome! Then after that we went to Mortdale to get some supplies from the mission office. After that we went and helped an elderly lady set up her new TV and then we met up with Rolf for a lesson at the Chapel. Today was Rolf's Bday so after the lesson we went and grabbed some pizzas and fizzy and we had a birthday dinner with him at the chapel because his family didn't really celebrate it with him so it was awesome to be with him for that!

Thursday- Did some service in the morning and we chopped down an avocado tree with an ax so that was pretty sweet! After that we got lunch, showered, then did some tracting. After all that we had splits with members from the ward and we went and visited some less actives so that went well!

Friday- Had DTM in the morning and then we did trade offs with the District leader so I had Elder Davis with me in my area. We did some finding and tracting together, and then we taught Rolf. We watched the talk safety for the soul by Elder Holland, I encourage you all to look it up!!!

Saturday- Played ball in the morning and traded back companions. After that we helped a lady in the ward move. A lot of people from the ward came to help so it went pretty quick! After that we went to KFC with the Liehrs for lunch! After that we went and did some finding. While we were out a huge rainstorm hit and we had to take shelter! There was heaps of lightening and thunder, it was pretty cool but dangerous haha. After the storm cleared we went and taught a less active about the Atonement! Then we went home and had dinner! 

Sunday- Had church as usual, then we took the sacrament to the 104 year old lady and visited with her! After that we went and had lunch at the Baker's home! When we finished there we met with a less active again and taught him about weaknesses and why we have them! Then we just went home and had dinner!

My spiritual thought for the week is about taking chances to help others! Serve everyone you meet and never pass up an opportunity to help someone in need! It may feel like a burden at the moment but after you feel so uplifted and happy that it is worth it! Your Heavenly Father will smile upon us as we serve others :)

Love you guys!

-Elder Jenson

Strayla day BBQ

da boys at the BBQ

aaaaand here they are again

With rolf and da boys

waxing those nose hairs...

aaaaamd Cam waxing those nose hairs

Elder Davis from Layton UT

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