Monday, January 25, 2016

He's gonna be on a bike soon after all these accidents

G’day its Elder Jenson again. How is everyone goin? Here is my week in a nutshell :)

Monday- Had an awesome P day as usual! Had a fun time playing ball with everyone like we do every week! The fun started after P day. My comp Elder Iino was driving and we found a good place to parallel park. He is really good at it he said, so on his 3rd try of trying to get in the spot, the front of the car hit the back of the bumper of a parked car and knocked it half way off. It was so funny but also the worst feeling hahaha. I was backing him up and when he hit the car I was just like shoot! haha but we called the office elder who is in charge of the cars and got it all taken care of. The church’s insurance covers it all so I don’t owe anymore money thank goodness! haha then we went to Bishops house for FHE and it was a great time!

Tuesday- Went to Mortdale to get everything all figured out from the accident. We went and got a quote at a repair shop and talked more to the senior elder who is in charge of the cars, luckily he was way cool about it haha and Elder Iino is still driving hahaha! Then after that we got some lunch, and then we got changed to go and do service. We scrubbed some walls and painted a ceiling for the Cashmans which took up a lot of the day, then we had dinner with them and it was good!

Wednesday- This day was full of finding! We stayed on the trains because it was so fetching hot and the trains have AC so we just talked to people on there. Then we did a little tracting around the chapel before our lesson with Rolf. After we taught Rolf we went to the Liehrs house for dinner! They made us delicious homemade pizzas! They bought a pizza oven so it made it that much better! That night Angus threw his football over into the neighbors backyard and so we went with him to get it and the backyard was so gross! Then when we got back to his house we realised that we had fleas on us! The neighbors backyard was invested with fleas! So we had to shake them all off and when we got home we hurry and threw all our clothes into the dryer to kill those suckers! Luckily we haven’t seen any again since that night haha.

Thursday- Started the day off with service for an elderly couple that we usually do service for and on the way there Elder Iino got pulled over for flipping a U turn hahaha and he didn’t have his license! Luckily the cop just gave us a warning and let us go on our way. Funny part was that before we left the flat he was like, “I don’t have my wallet.” but we didn’t want to walk all the way back upstairs so he was like do you want to drive, and I was like I doubt you will get pulled over you will be fine hahaha and as he was flipping the U turn we saw the cops at the intersection and he was like is this legal? and I was like I don’t know… it wasn’t. hahaha so that was a funny way to start the day. Then after service we did some finding in Cronulla, then did some tracting. While we were tracting it started to rain but we didn’t care we just kept going anyways hoping people would have sympathy and want to hear our message haha but it didn’t work. Then it started to down pour hard core! So we took shelter and waited a little until we finally just said screw it lets run back to the train station. We got soaked!!! It was so much fun hahaha then we just went and got some dinner in our soaking wet clothes :)

Friday- We had a worldwide video training for missionaries by some of the apostles and other general authorities about Teaching repentance and baptising converts. It was a really good training and I enjoyed hearing from the Apostles! Then we went and did some finding until we went and taught a less active member. After that we went to the Lee’s house and had dinner! They invited Rolf this week and he came too! It was so much fun! it was great for Rolf to receive some fellowship like that! The ward has been so great about fellowshipping him and making him feel like apart of the ward. Well that night was just full of laughs and fun times with all of us together!

Saturday- Super fast day, had service for a lady in the ward, then we went to a baptism for a little girl in our ward. After that we went and did some finding until we had MCM with our ward mission leader and the sister missionaries. That was our day! haha 

Sunday- Had church that was really good this week! This Tuesday is Australia day and so we sang the Australian national anthem in sacrament today hahaha it was pretty cool to do that! Then after church we had lunch and went out and visited some less active families. None of them actually let us in to teach them but we got to meet them which was good! We also visited a 104 year old lady in the ward! She looks so good for her age it is unreal! She was way nice too haha I love old people! Then after all of that we came home and had some din din! I made some delicious Alfredo :) 

So my spiritual thought for the week is from Alma 11:42, “Now there is a death which is called a temporal death; and the death of Christ shall loose the bands of this temporal death, that all shall be raised from this temporal death.”

How awesome is it that we will ALL live again? Because Christ died and rose on the third day, we too may rise again from death and become perfect resurrected beings! We need not worry if we lose a loved one or a close friend. Yes the loss still hurts, but the grave has no victory and we know that they, and we will live again! I am grateful for a savior who made it possible for us to over come this temporal death and for a loving Heavenly Father who was willing to sacrifice His only begotten son. I know that Christ and Heavenly Father live! They are mindful of us and they know us perfectly! I know this all to be true with all the a surety of my heart. Because of Him, which is Christ the Lord, we may live again and not only live again but live again with our Father in Heaven! How sweet the sentence is, “I know that my redeemer lives!” I love this Gospel and I know it is true!

Love you all! Have a good week! :)

-Elder Jenson

Right before they hit a car... idiots.

The damage

Package from mom and grandma


they are good neighbors... real quiet and considerate haha

Ran to catch the train in the rain.. alllll wet!

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