Wednesday, January 13, 2016


G’day its Elder Jenson coming at ya live from Australia mate! Here is the recap of the week!

Monday- Typical P day activities. Shop, Email, Basketball, and FHE at the Liehr’s home! We had an awesome object lesson with them for our message and it was fun! It is always a great time going over there!

Tuesday- Started off with some wonderful service for the Cashman family. We scrubbed their walls and ceiling in their kitchen! They looked pretty good after we were done so we were proud of our work! After that they fed us some delicious as always KFC! Then we taught Rolf at the Chapel and he just talked for an hour and a half straight! hahaha it was pretty unreal! He just loves the Gospel and he has no one to talk to about it so when he gets with us he just slams in a whole week’s worth of knowledge into and hour of talking! I love him and I am glad he can talk to us about it! Then we did create your own burger at maccas!

Wednesday- Had Interviews with President and Sister Back! They went really well and I am beyond grateful to have such an awesome mission president and mission president’s wife! They take great care of us and they truly care about us! Then we did some GQing on the train for awhile until we went to the Kendricks for dinner! As usual it was awesome and really fun! It had rained all day so unfortunately, no kick ball! It was rainy like all week up until Thursday night!

Thursday- Went over to the Baker’s home for lunch and a message. Then we went and taught a less active who is coming to church quite frequently now so that message went good! Then we taught Rolf again and we actually got through a full lesson this time and it went really good and the Spirit was strong! Then we went to another less actives home for dinner and a message! The day was full of teaching and awesome people!

Friday- Had a great ZTM in the morning! We were trained on being a more dedicated missionary and that was really good actually! Then we did heaps of street contacting in Cronulla! Street contacting is pretty scary not gonna lie, especially in a rich area like Cronulla! But luckily my companion likes to talk to people like myself so it makes it easier! We just talked to heaps of random people and we had a good time doing it! We make it fun while we do it and it made time go by really quick and we actually got two potentials so that was sweet! Its fun to just laugh at rejection and to make contacting people fun so that it isn’t so serious all the time! We talked to some drunk guys at a bar and a lady who can discern people’s thoughts and all sorts of fun stuff haha! Then we visited Angus Liehr at his work (KFC) and Sister Liehr gave him money to shout us a meal! He used some of his own money as well to shout us the biggest feast on the menu! We had 19 pieces of regular chicken, 18 nuggets, 10 wings, 5 large chips, large potatoes and gravy, large cole slaw, pepsi max, and a milkshake… for just 3 people. We managed to eat it all except 5 pieces of original chicken, some of the potatoes, and all of the cole slaw and one of the large chips. Needless to say it was a stinky room that night in our flat and we both regretted eating so much hahahaha man my stomach was killing me in the middle of the night but all us well haha!

Saturday- Did more service for the Cashman family. We mowed their lawn and edged it, along with trimming some trees for them! Then we went and taught a less active member about the atonement! Then we went to the Liehr’s house to say hi and to thank them for the meal they shouted us! They surprised us with a 12 pack of Dr Pepper, and Mtn Dew! Along with heaps of bread and they gave us some dinner as well! Then we had MCM with our ward mission leader and the sisters in the ward! Good day!

Sunday- We had Church as normal and then we went to a member’s home for lunch and a message! After that we went to the chapel to get some material for our lesson we had that night! Then we went to Chris and Nichole Lee’s home for a wonderful dinner and a lesson! We had a delicious Thai dish called chicken pad thai which I loved! Really fast and good day!

My Spiritual message this week is simple! It is found in the Book of Mormon, in Mosiah 26:30-31, and it speaks of forgiveness! Heavenly Father forgives us of our sins when we repent of them and in return He commands us to forgive our fellow men and their trespasses against us, Forgiveness can be hard but it is essential for our eternal salvation! If we understand and exercise the Atonement then we know that we must forgive others and move on from what has happened in the past! It isn’t always easy to do but as we pray for the strength to be able to forgive others, Heavenly Father will provide us with the strength that we need! I know it is true, I have felt it in my own life! 

Love you all heaps! Have a great week! 

-Elder Jenson
His main man Elder Inno, also his comp.

Angus and Elder Inno

Angus took a picture of Cam, its very flattering. Shows off his best qualities.

This one... This one is even better at showing off his best qualities.

The zone

da boyz

bless him..

strike a pose... so GQ

well... if this doesn't look better than snow, I'm not really sure what does.

KFC "Over 100 Countries WORLDWIDE!!"

more KFC... fatties

A members car collection in his garage, this isn't even half of them

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