Friday, January 22, 2016

if you feed birds chocolate they wont die..... RIGHT?

Konnichiwa family and friends! Having a Japanese companion is fun because I get to learn a few words lol! This week was pretty slow for us but it was still fun! Me and my companion get along great and we have a lot of fun everyday and have heaps of funny moments! But anyways here is the week run down for yous!

Monday- Had normal P day activities, then we went to the Kendricks home to celebrate my mini me’s birthday! We had my favorite meal which was mama K’s bomb chicken burritos! The Liehr’s came to the party too and so it was just a fun filled night with fun people! 

Tuesday- Started our day off by visiting a less active member in the ward and sharing a message about forgiveness. Then we went to the Westfield (mall) for lunch and we ran into some members from another ward and they shouted us lunch so that was an awesome blessing! Then we went and watched the John Tanner Story with Rolf at the Chapel! It is a really good like 25 minute video about a really faithful and giving man from the time when the church began! I recommend you all watch it! :) Then we went to the Cashman’s home for dinner and she made us sushi! It was pretty good! We had some fun with the wasabi haha so that made things interesting! 

Wednesday- Had service in the morning helping to move furniture around for an elderly couple in the ward. Then they fed us a delicious lunch and we shared with them a delicious message haha! Then we went and did some door knocking.. not too successful hahaha but tracting is always a good time because you never know what you’re gonna get! Then we went and gave two blessings for some people the sisters are working with! then we went to the Baker’s home for dinner and a message!

Thursday- This day had some bizarre weather! It was hot as heck all day! It got up to 40 degree celsius! And we were doing service in it for most of the morning! The first elderly couple we were helping sent us home after a little because they said it was too hot for us to be out there! Then we went to help a lady in the ward move some stuff around her house for her! Then we finally had a late lunch around 3! At 3 when we go off the train, a huge rainstorm hit! It went from hot as heck to still pretty hot and heaps of rain! It started to lightening when we got off the train and the thunder was the loudest thunder I have ever heard! It would be a flash of lightning then like less than a second later it would be a huge boom of thunder! Pretty cool to be in actually! Then we had a lesson with Rolf and then we met up with a less active member later that night to see how he had been going!

Friday- Had DTM in the morning! We had a good training talking about our purpose and how to stay focused on it! Then we visited a less active member and shared another message with him. Then after that we went and did some tracting for a couple hours! It was pretty fun! We had one person tell us we could come back and then just had rude people hahaha. While tracking we met an italian guy named peter who was pretty weird but he gave us a bag of homegrown tomatoes that he grew so that was cool! Then we met his neighbor who was also named Peter and he was weirder than the first Peter! Like wow this guy was nuts! He just went on for ages about all this rubbish and he was just whack! hahaha he was a white aussie guy who picked up Buddhism so that was fun to hear about haha! After that we helped a young couple in the ward move out of their flat! Their fridge that we moved was heavy as! Then we went and had dinner at a less active member’s home and he made us salmon and steak! Really yummy actually!  Then we had a little lesson with him and went home for the night!

Saturday- We went to lunch at the young couple’s home who we had helped move the day before! It was good to get to know them more! Then we went visited a referral which was no good and then we did finding for the rest of the day until dinner! 

Sunday- Had a great time at church! Then we came home and made some lunch! After that we visited a less active member who didn’t make it to church and we shared the lesson we had in Gospel Principles that day with him so it was good! Then we went to the Lee’s for a message and they surprised us by inviting us to stay for dinner! They made a delicious fried rice with chicken, bacon, and shrimp in it! Really delicious dinner! 

My spiritual thought for the week is Alma 5:33 and it says, “Behold, he sendeth an invitation into all men, for the arms of mercy are extended towards them, and he saith: Repent, and I will receive you.” 
Repentance is something that we should be doing everyday! We are all sinners and imperfect human beings! We see here though that The Lord’s arm of mercy is always extended towards us and we just need to repent and he will receive us! We must repent and make necessary changes in our lives so that we can live in more harmony with the Gospel and Christ’s teachings! It will make us so much happier and we will be blessed from it! I know this to be true!

Have a good week everyone! Love ya heaps!
mini-me's birthday

Looked out the window and what did I see?!

a bird.

feeding the birds chocolate.

man.. isn't he the cutest?

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