Monday, January 16, 2017

Fryin' eggs on the asphalt

Monday- Had a solid as P day man! We did the usual in the morning and then to end the day we met up with the zone at the chapel and played some volleyball, and basketball! Everyone participated so that made it way fun! Then after P day we took the train to Mortdale to do tradeoffs with the AP's!

Tuesday- I was on tradeoffs with Elder Tuitubo from Fiji! He is the fetching man! He converted to the church like 5 years ago or something like that and now he is on a mission and is also an AP! I learned a lot from him! In the morning we went to follow up on some potentials but they weren't there so we just did some tracting. After that we went and had some lunch and after that we went and did some contacting at the train station and we found some potentials! Then we went to go and follow up on another potential and right as we were driving away she walked up so it was a miracle! After that we went and had some dinner and then went to splits with their ward. Then they drove us back down to our flat!

Wednesday- Boy it was hot this day! We had to travel up to Central because my comp lost his wallet on the train over the weekend and that is where it got found so it was in the lost and found there! After we got his wallet we trained back down to Mortdale to get my cleats that I left at the AP's flat! Then we trained home and did some GQing! Then we went to the Paki's house for dinner and a lesson!

Thursday- We were supposed to have service in the morning but it cancelled so we went and did some ward listing instead to see if the people on the ward list still live there. Then we went and did some tracting. After tracting we went and did some of our weekly planning! After that we went and played basketball at the chapel with some members, less actives, and non members! It was good to get to interact with people in a non threatening way haha! After that we went home and had some dinner!

Friday- DTM was good as usual! After DTM we had to clean the chapel and there was fetching maggots all in the kitchen because someone left out a chicken in one of the cupboards! Holy heck did it stink!! I almost threw up hahaha but we got it cleaned and it still had some what of a stench to it haha! After that we went and did some tracting in the 44 degree heat! Holy heck that was the hottest day I have ever experienced in my life hahaha and it was the first time on my mission that I actually put sunscreen... don't be mad mom! After tracting we went and finished our weekly planning and then we went to get dinner with our flat mates and a member ended up buying our dinner for us... miracles!

Saturday- We went and mowed Francis's lawn in the morning! Then we had lunch and a lesson with him afterwards! Then we went and gave the Tongan elders a ride to our flat so they could have some lunch. Then we went out and took a map to the Tongan sisters because they don't have a car and they need a map haha! Then we went and saw Bobby and Vera! It was a good visit with them and hopefully they will come to church here soon! Then we got food dropped off from Sister Matamua and so we ate that and then went and did contacting at the station for the rest of the night.

Sunday- We had ward council before church at 7 am so that was good to get to discuss the goals of the ward. Then we had church which was good and we had some less actives come and even the Rondos were there as well! After church we did our studies and had some lunch. Following that we did some more ward listing and finding at the station. Then we went to the Pikula's house for a feed and a message! We did a lesson on missionary work with them and now they are going to be having people over for us to teach! They are a solid missionary work family!

“God cares a lot more about who we are, and who we are becoming, than about who we once were.”—Elder Dale G. Renlund

I have really seen this in my mission and it is amazing to me how loving and merciful the Lord is. He truly does love us so much and through His grace we are able to become more than we could ever imagine! It is never too late to change and we are never too far gone. We can not sink lower than the light of Christ shines.

Elder Jenson

after ballin' it up

pics of Central

They found a deep fryer in their flat

Trying to cook breakfast...

How many Elders does it take to cook an egg?

(44 x 9)/5 + 32...... You do the math... 

Looks like he's getting some sun

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