Monday, January 23, 2017

loooong hot week

Monday- Did the usual Pday activities, just having so much fun that you can barely handle it ya know? We played some sports at the chapel with the zone again and it was a good time! To end the night we went to the Newland's house for a FHE with them and some dinner! It was a really good lesson and their 8 year old son did great at answering all the questions we had.

Tuesday- We went to follow up on a potential in the morning and she wasn't there so we just ended up tracting! After that we had some lunch and then we went out and did some more tracting. Then we went and did some contacting at the train station haha and after that we went to the Ah Mu's house for dinner and that made the whole day worth it!

Wednesday- We literally had a repeat of the day before. We just contacted at the train station, tracted and then went and did some more contacting at the train station. After a full day of finding we just went and did some ward listing to end the night!

Thursday- Today wasn't as boring as the day before haha! We did some service in the morning with another set of Elders in the zone and we just removed a bunch of trees and bushes and what not! While we were there I felt prompted to ask the lady across the street if she needed help with blowing the leaves off her driveway! I almost ignored it because I assumed she was just going to say no anyways, but I asked and she said yes! She told me that no one has ever asked her if she needs help before so it was a wonderful feeling to act on a prompting and have it go so well! After service we went and had some lunch and then got showered and did weekly planning! After weekly planning we went to play basketball again with everyone and one of the big name rugby players here named Sam Parrot is in our stake so he came and played and I was on his team.. It was fetching sick! After ball we went and had a good dinner with the Ormsby family and I got to do some magic tricks for their kids haha so it was fun!

Friday- We had our usual DTM and we didn't have to clean the chapel afterwards for once so that was nice! After DTM we went and got some lunch with our flat mates and then went and followed up on some potentials and what not. We didn't have too much luck but we have one guy who is still keen we just gotta catch him at a better time! then after that we went and finished our weekly planning and then just did some stop bys to end the night!

Saturday- Boy we walked a lot this day and it was fun! We had a lesson with the Archers in the morning which was really good! Then we went and followed up on potentials again and less actives with no luck. Then we went and tried some stop bys at some people on the ward list and we got to meet one family but they aren't really members anymore haha they are not too keen! The dad was nice though and I got to talk some American sports with him so that was nice! To end the night we hosted a sports night at the chapel to have people bring their friends and stuff so that we could get to meet them in a non threatening way and it went good! We had a good turn out and played some mean games of volleyball!

Sunday- The Rondo's came to church (our recent converts here) and so it was good to see them! Church was really good and Bro. Ormsby gave a great talk about parenting and the importance of families! After church we went and did our studies and had lunch. Then we went and did contacting at the train station for the rest of the night! The Rondo's made us dinner and dropped it off for us so that was super nice of them!

I just want to share a little bit of an email that my recent convert from Dapto sent me.

"Church has been going good and I keep blessing the sacrament. I think I've mastered it now haha. I've done some more teaching and have home teaching now.
Man the gospel is so good, my health has improved heaps. I've been doing some running and swimming and shooting hoops. I saw my doctor for the first time in 4-5 months. He said 'don't say anything, I bet you're feeling better! I can tell!' I told him I was and he went on to say 'there's something different about you, there's light in your eyes' that was so good to hear! I've seen that light in the eyes of members :)"

It just is so rewarding to serve a mission and getting to meet such amazing people! It is a humbling experience to be out here and I just love it! Getting to bring people into the Gospel out weighs all the bad that happens. I know this church is true and it is amazing when you get to see others come to have that same knowledge! Have a good week :)

Elder Jenson

Elder Davis


cute hats

looks more like "do not claw"

great... he's behind the wheel again

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