Tuesday, February 7, 2017

starting up a YSA

Oh man so I got transferred out of Macarthur and I am now in the lovely city of Canberra! I am on a really unique assignment as well. I am in a trio and me and my companions are covering the whole Canberra stake and we are only working with YSA aged people! This is the only area in the mission that this is happening in so we are stoked! President is really trusting us and is letting us try some new stuff to bring salvation to the younger generation! There are 4 universities down here in Canberra so we will be doing a lot of contacting at them. My companions are Elder Lee from New Zealand who is the fetching man and is so funny! My other comp is ELDER YARDLEY!!! He was my MTC comp and is like my fetching brother so we are so stoked to be together again doing the work! There is a senior couple down here as well who is over the YSA for the stake so we will be working very close with them. It is so beautiful down her in Canberra and I am so grateful to be here. I really hope that I finish my mission down here. Working with people our own age is super cool too because it is easy to connect with them and it is a lot more laid back trying to talk to them and getting them to come to church and what not. It was sad to say bye to some families in Macarthur but I will see them again one day! I am grateful for the time I got to serve there and for the people I met. They really taught me a lot about living the Gospel faithfully so that is something I will always be grateful for. Sorry for the different email this week but it will be back to normal next week :) Love you all have a good week!

Remember that we must always put our trust in God and lean not on our own understanding! God will lead us down the best path that we could imagine. Just acknowledge Him in all things and trust where He leads you!

Elder Jenson

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