Monday, February 27, 2017

halfway through transfer

Monday- We just bummed around the mall after our emails and I bought some more sweaters to prepare for the winter because it gets dang cold down here haha. After Pday we went and taught a girl named Nik, she is Muslim and the lesson went well! She did text us later in the week and said she doesn't want to be taught anymore but its all goods haha at least we taught her once and gave her a Book of Mormon.

Tuesday-We tried some stop bys in the morning and had no luck so we had some lunch adn then we went to an institute lesson taught by the Clarks at ANU to one YSA girl haha it was good! Then we did a lot of finding at ANU and just talked to people. Then we went to the chapel to have a meeting with the Clarks, and some of the ward mission leaders to discuss the work and get things in order with the new program we are running. My comps had to go to an appointment with a kid named Jack, he is dating one of the member's daughters so we thought we would try to teach him and he is keen haha! While they were at the lesson I stayed at the meeting and also institute and I got to just talk to all the YSA and set up some appointments.

Wednesday- We went and saw Julius in the morning and we just talked to him and talked about his trip that he is taking to America next week. After that we went and saw Jordan Amosa. We have created a way good friendship with him and it has been cool to see how he opens up with us! We had a good lesson with him though and it was fun to get to know him more. After that we went and had some lunch at Zach's work again because he gives us a mean discount haha! Then we went down to the south side and tried some visits but we had no luck. YSA can be hard to catch at home sometimes haha. After that we had MCM and dinner with the Clarks and the sisters. Then we went to the Abel's house to teach Trey, Jazmine and Tia. We had a good lesson with them about the Restoration. Jazmine should have her baby soon too so that will be good haha.

Thursday- We were on the bikes this morning and we biked to a guy named Kamiti's house to see him and he was home! He plays rugby for one of the big teams down in Canberra and he is a YSA in the Belconnen ward. We were able to get a referral from him which was so good! After that we went home and had lunch and weekly planned. After weekly planning we had MCM with the Belconnen Ward mission leader and the other missionaries in that ward. Then we went and had a lesson with David Dwyer and we read Alma 34 with him which was so solid! 

Friday- This day was a good one for us. After DTM we met with a girl named Sinai who is from Karibus and it was one of the best lessons we have taught as a companionship! After that we had some lunch and did some comp study. Then we went and met with another girl named Sarah Fisher haha she wasn't too solid of potential but it was good to teach her and we will see how things go with her. After that we went to the chapel for the Ginnendarra ward sport night! There was a good turn out and we were able to meet with a lot of non members! 

Saturday- We played some ball in the morning with Julius which was good! Then we went and did studies and had lunch. After that we went to the Brumbies game (the team that Jacob Abel and Trey our investigator play for) It was a good game and Trey scored 4 times haha it was sick! We also saw a less active YSA who plays on the 1 grade team so we got to talk to him a bit and see him play too! Then we went and had some dinner before a baptism we went to. The elders in the Belconnen ward had an investigator get baptised and Elder Yardley taught him a year ago when he was here so it was a cool moment fro him haha. Then we went and did some visits to end the night.

Sunday- We went to Belconnen ward in the morning which was good because we got to catch up with a lot of YSA that we have been trying to see. Then we went and had lunch and came back for Ginnendarra ward! Sarah came to church which was way cool! I got to speak in sacrament about member missionary work and asking in faith! I loved getting to talk in sacrament haha i find it fun. After church we went to teach Jack at the Amosa's home which went really good! We set him on baptismal date for March 19th so we are going to be pushing for that. Then we went and dropped some stuff off to two YSA's for our upcoming sons of Mosiah Missionary challenge! We are doing this to try and get some referrals from the YSA! 

Mosiah 1:7

And now, my sons, I would that ye should remember to search them diligently, that ye may profit thereby; and I would that ye should keep the commandments of God, that ye may prosper in the land according to the promises which the Lord made unto our fathers.

I love this counsel from a father to his sons. If they are diligent in studying the scriptures and in keeping the commandments of God they will prosper in the land. That promise is the most repeated promise in the Book of Mormon and it applies to us today! If we do what the Lord asks of us then we will see so many blessings it isn't even funny! I know that God's commandments are loving instructions from a Father in Heaven for our safety and happiness! Love you all have a good week!

Elder Jenson

weekly planning has him like...

George Bush twin

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