Monday, February 13, 2017


Far out I don't think that I have ever had so much fun on my mission ever! The best part is we smash the work and have fun while doing it haha! So here is a recap,

Tuesday- We had ourselves a pretty chill P day and just kinda did some shopping and also emails haha. Then we went to institute that night and we got to meet heaps of the YSA. We played some basketball with them too after class which was way good! 

Wednesday- We went and got some supplies for the flat with the senior couple down here named the Clarks and then we went and got the flat all in order and what not. After that we went and did some finding at the University for a couple of hours and it was so good! People our age are so easy to talk to. They actually listen and are so open with us. We saw some good success that day. After finding we went and had a meeting with the Clarks and the Sisters who are covering YSA here too! We had a good meeting and a delicious dinner! 

Thursday- We went and saw Julius in the morning who is one of the key YSA's down here for getting less actives to church. We had a good talk with him and also a good lesson on the Sabbath day. After that we had to help out Elder Clark with moving some stuff from storage and into flats. It was a lot of driving because Canberra is huge haha. Then we had some song practice with the zone because we are singing at the multi cultural festival this next week! After that we went and did our weekly planning! 

Friday- We had DTM in the morning and after that we did some finding at the uni before lunch. After lunch we went and did some more finding at the uni which was good! After finding we went and were supposed to go to play footy with some of the YSA, but it got cancelled so we went to a park and played some basketball with some college students that were there instead! 

Saturday- We were supposed to have a lesson with one of our potentials but she didn't show up.. haha so we went home and did our studies and had some lunch. Then we went to the priesthood leadership meeting for stake conference and it was solid! After that we got some dinner with other Elders and then we went back for the night session of conference. I learned so much and got so much revelation out of the meetings it was insane! I was on spiritual cloud 9 after this day! Elder Johansen of the seventy was there too so that was dope and he is the man.

Sunday- We had some choir practice in the morning before stake conference. We got to sing in the choir for conference and it sounded pretty dang good, no thanks to me, but it was solid haha! I got heaps out of conference again and I was on cloud 9! After that we had song practice for the cultural event again. Then we went to our lesson with a potential named Ben. He is an agnostic/atheist haha so it was a good lesson and we had good chats about things! We had good answers for all his questions and the Spirit was with us for sure! Just gotta get him to read the Book of Mormon haha. After that we had dinner at one of the Ward mission leader's house to discuss the YSA in his ward. After that we had an appointment with David and Kierra who are YSA and we had a good dinner and chat with them! David is really into lifting so that was fun to talk to him about and get good lifting tips. 

My thought of the week comes from Elder Johansen and something he said in his talk and it was something like this, "We need to speak of Christ all the time and not be afraid of testifying of him and talking about him in every day conversations. IT'S EASY." 
I just loved that thought and it got me so pumped and makes me want to incorporate Christ in all that I do and say in my life. He is the reason we are able to find joy in this life and the next. He deserves to be talked about and praised EVERY DAY!!! 

Elder Jenson
Cam and his companions are trying to get as many jumping photos with those of the YSA age range. Heres week 1 of the jumping pics...


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