Monday, April 3, 2017

Families can be together forever

Monday- Pday was pretty dang good! We went on a pretty easy hike to this river thing haha and then we just played some random games down there with the zone! Then we walked to the Brett Baker's house (WML for Belconnen ward) and we had a good FHE and dinner with him and David Dwyer! We taught about the Temple and it was a solid lesson for David to hear! 

Tuesday- We went and saw Komiti in the morning and gave him the Sons of Mosiah packet which is just a daily guide for the month of March on getting involved in the missionary work! After that we went to see Jordan Amosa but he wasn't home so we went and had some lunch instead! After lunch we went and did some GQing at ANU and while we were there we got a text from a potential and he was keen to meet up for a lesson so we went and taught him outside a cafe on campus! His name is Zach and he is super solid and keen on learning! AFter that we went and had dinner at the Kivalu's house. Sister Kivalu works at an Italian restaurant and so she made some bomb italian food!! After that we went to institute and the lesson was good and heaps of people came! We introduced the Sons of Mosiah challenge to all of them with Bro Loney (ward mission leader in Ginnendarra ward) He is the man haha.

Wednesday- We had interviews at our flat with Pres and sis Back which went so good! It is just a bro down every time we get to talk with them haha! After that we went and had lunch with the stake YSA reps Zac and Georgia and the Sisters! We got to discuss the Ysa a lot and get some things organized! Then we went and saw Jordan Amosa! He is progressing really well and is making changes to become more active in the Gospel! Then after that we went to dinner and MCM at the Clark's house which was good! Then we tried to do some visits after that but we didn't have much luck.

Thursday- We went and did some visits on the south side in the morning but no one was really home or had time to see us haha so we went and got some lunch after that. Then we went to some bible study thing on campus at ANU and it was super good to meet heaps of fellow Christians haha. It was different experiencing the way that they do things though haha! After that we went and did our weekly planning. Then we went to MCM with Brett Baker and then we had a lesson and dinner with David Dwyer! He is the man. 

Friday- DTM was pretty solid! I had to pee way bad during the whole thing though so towards the end I was getting a little anxious haha! After that we had a lesson with Sinai at the park again about the Plan of Salvation and it was super good! She is progressing pretty well. Then we went and had some lunch. After that it was off to ANU for some finding! When we finished there we were going back to the car and we saw an Asian guy get hit by a car! We ran over to help him out and he seemed to be alright other than his leg was in a lot of pain! The ambulance came and got him and he was doing pretty good so thank goodness! After that we went and had a lesson with Jack at the chapel before our sport night! We taught the Restoration and he was understanding it all pretty well. Then we played volleyball with some YSA and their non member friends. It was super good!

Saturday- Far out such a slow day for us haha we tried to visit heaps of people but no one was home! We did some GQing later in the day which went pretty well for us! Then we went and visited one of the other Elder's investigators because she does people's eyebrows for a living and she did ours for free haha so we had some good chats with her about the Book of Mormon while she made our eyebrows on fleek!! After that we went and saw some YSA guys that live together and chatted with them for a little.

Sunday- We were in church on the south side for the day and it went pretty good! After 6 hours of church we went and had FHE with Jordan and his family! Jack is dating Jordan's little sister so he was there too haha so we had a good dinner and lesson with all of them! Then we went to see Brother Amosa who is in the bishopric in Belconnen ward! We are trying to start teaching his daughter's friend who has come to church with her a couple of times. Pretty solid day.

  1.  "I have a fam'ly here on earth.
    They are so good to me.
    I want to share my life with them through all eternity.
  2. Fam'lies can be together forever
    Through Heav'nly Father's plan.
    I always want to be with my own family,
    And the Lord has shown me how I can.
    The Lord has shown me how I can."
I love the words to this hymn because it is exactly what the Gospel of Jesus Christ has to offer. God love's us so much that he wants our families to be Eternal! Why would family relationships end after this life, especially when you grow to love and care about your family so much! Heavenly Father is so wise and loving that he provided us a way to be with them forever so that we never have to go through anything alone! This is one of the most beautiful doctrines of the Gospel and I am forever grateful for it! I love my family so much and I look forward to being with them forever and also to be able to have my own family one day that will be Eternal as well! I know this is all true and is only made possible through Jesus Christ! I love you all have a good week!

Elder Jenson

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