Monday, April 3, 2017

Loves being a missionary

Boy oh boy was it a crazy week this past week! So some big things happened and I am still in Canberra but my new comp is Elder Hunt!! He is one of the bros that I have made from the mission and we have served around each other heaps so we are stoked!! It is sad to have Elder Lee go home, he became one of my best friends out here too. I learned a lot from him he is the man! Elder Yardley on the other hand got called to be the assistant to the President halfway through last week.. none of us were too stoked when he got that call... But he is now working up in Sydney as one of President Back's right hand men. He is going to be a great asset up there! Well here is a quick recap of the week.

Tuesday- We had zone pday which went super good! We had a BBQ and played some touch footy at a park. That night we had a meeting before institute with all the YSA reps and the stake YSA parents. Then we had institute and we played Jeopardy which was sweet! 

Wednesday- We got the call from President Back in the morning that Yardley was leaving so we had to take him to half way to sydney to get picked up by the other AP's. Before we took him up though we took him to say bye to a few people and we helped Zac with some service at his house and got some lunch with him. When we got back Elder Lee and I went and had MCM/dinner with the Clarks and the Sisters. After that we had another dinner appointment with the Perry's (they have 2 less active ysa in their family) Dinner went good and we got to share a good message with them so that was a success! 

Thursday- We went and saw Komiti in the morning and just had a quick follow up with him about his friends he wants to bring to church and what not. Then we tried to see Jordan but he wasn't home. We had a lunch appointment next with a member from Mexico named Alex! He is a good dude haha. Then we had a little class with the Clarks and two YSA that go to one of the Uni's here. After that we got our weekly planning done and had some dinner. Then we went to see the Abels and we followed up on how Trai and them are all doing! 

Friday- We had a super good DTM, and everyone got to bear their testimonies which was so dang powerful!! The Spirit was in rich abundance hahaha but in all seriousness it was a spiritual experience :) Then after that we met with Tinnai and taught her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She said she wanted to come to church so that was super awesome! After that the Clarks took us to lunch since Elder Lee was going home! We had some bomb burgers!! Then we went to see Jordan which went pretty good, he is struggling with a few things right now so we are trying to help him out. Then we met with Megan and one of her friends she met at school and we taught her the Restoration and it went so dang good! She will probably become a new investigator super soon! Then we went and had a chat with Jack and moved him his baptismal date to the 29th of April so that will give us more time to help him prepare. 

Saturday- We went and saw David Dwyer in the morning and taught him more about the priesthood and he made us some good protein smoothies haha he is the man! Then we went and cleaned the car and the flat! That night we went to two baptisms, one on the north side and the other on the south side! We sang at the second one with all the missionaries so that was pretty sweet! Then on the way home there was a massive firework show going on so we pulled over and watched it haha pretty sweet! 

Sunday- We went to Woden ward on the south and Ginnendarra on the north. Tinnai and her friend came to church and so did Jack so that was super good for us! After church I had to say bye to Elder Lee because he had to go up to Sydney... Then I was in a trio with the Belconnen Elders and we had a good dinner appointment with a family from the ward and then we went and said bye to another family because one of the Belconnen Elders was leaving.

Monday- Did some tracting in the morning with my temporary comp Elder Ferrira and some guy let us in to teach him so that was cool! Then we went and picked up our comps! Elder Hunt and I went and did some finding at ANU for most the day and at night we went to the YSA FHE where we had food and played some games, heaps of the YSA turned up so it was a success!

I was reading in the Book of Mormon in Mosiah 28:3 and it really explains how I am starting to feel about missionary work,
 Now they were desirous that salvation should be declared to every creature, for they coulnot bear that any human soul should perishyea, even the very thoughts that any soul should endure endless torment dicause them to quake and tremble.

I wish I could force people to believe, but I can't which sucks! I do love getting to share this wonderful message with everyone I meet though and it is so amazing when people listen! It is a blessing to be able to serve the people here and I am loving every minute of it! Love you all have a goooooooooood week :) 

Elder Jenson

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