Monday, April 10, 2017

General Conf.

Well here is the run down from cold as heck Canberra haha! 

Monday- We had a good sports P day at the chapel with the zone! Then after that we had FHE at Brett Bakers house with heaps of the Less active YSA boys in Belconnen Ward. 

Tuesday- Freakin heck we got roped into some service this day which went for ages!!! We helped a family move and there were some of the YSA boys there from Woden ward so it was really good to get to know them better! After the service we had a lesson with Alysha and it was good because we learned that she just likes the fellowship at church so we just told her to keep coming along then haha. Then we had institute which was super good! 

Wednesday- We had some more service for Zac this day which went good! We just painted the ceilings of his family's house! Then we went and saw Chris Stubbs one last time before he leaves. Then we went and had a good lesson with Jack about the big 3 commandments! After that we went and got dinner before our meeting with the Tuggeranong bishop! We got some names from him to go and visit which was good! 

Thursday- Went and saw Komiti for a quick sec and got a mean feed while we were there haha so blessings for sure! Then we tried to see Jordan but he wasn't home so we went and weekly planne until our mcm with the Clarks! After the Clarks we went and did some ward listing! 

Friday- We had a good ZTM and learned a lot about loving our neighbors! After that we went and did finding at ANU for awhile which was really fun! Then we went and had dinner and got ready for the YSA sport night. We had a good turn out and had some non members there too including Jack so we were stoked about that! 


Sunday- MORE GENERAL CONFERENCE BABY!!! Then we had to go out to work after hahaha we went and had dinner with Jono and his family  which was so good! Then we tried to see Jarom Perry but he is sick so we will go back later in the week!!

Conference was so good man I freakin loved it all!! I loved the quote by Elder Bednar, "Please learn to love being and remaining worthy. Be worthy. Stay worthy." 
I love the feeling of being worthy and it is only possible through the Atoning sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ. I love learning how to be more worthy and about the tools we can use to stay worthy :) 
I also loved the talk by Elder Sabin about being All In!!! We can't ahve one foot in the Gospel and another in the world/sins. We must either be All in or all out, there is not neutral ground! 

I truly felt the Spirit testify to me this weekend that this truly is the Lord's church. He is at the head of it all! The prophet and Apostles are truly called by God and they really do hold all the keys and authority to run and govern the church. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ LIVE!!! I know it without a doubt! THE CHURCH IS TRUE BABY!!!:) 
Love you guys!

Elder Jenson

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