Monday, April 3, 2017

18 months pants burning ceremony

Monday- We played some footy with the boys from the zone for Pday which was a lot of fun! We are all out of shape lol. Then for the night we went and played some footy with the less active YSA and then did some visits after that and met Jono, one of the YSA in Belconnen ward! 

Tuesday- We saw Chris Stubbs in the morning and it was super good! We just talked to him about the MTC and what not because he goes on his mission next week and he is going to the Provo MTC so he is stoked! Then we went and did some more service for Zac and his family! We did more painting and we hung some doors up hahaha we didn't do it right though so his dad had to fix it but hey its a learning experience! Then we went and had institute to end the night and we were able to set up some appointments with people!

Wednesday- Went and saw one of the YSA from Belconnen ward in the morning and had a good chat with him and a lesson on standing tall as a Mormon! Then we went and had some lunch and did some finding at ANU! We talked to this girl who saw the Book of Mormon musical and she was so keen! She had so many questions and she was stoked to see real mormon missionaries haha her name is Alex and she is from Russia! So we set an appointment with her for the next day to teach her! Then we went and saw Ezra Afele who just got his mission call to Cebu Phillipenes and we are going to help him prep for his mission in the next few months. Then we had a lesson with Jack about Baptism and the Holy Ghost, it was a solid lesson! Then we had MCM and dinner at the Clarks house to end the night! The Clarks are so awesome and Sister Clark makes the best food! Makes me miss my mom's homemade meals :)

Thursday- We saw Alex in the morning and answered all her questions and taught her a little and her response to it all was "Why does this all make sense??" So she is going to hopefully be an investigator when she gets back from her holidays on the coast! Then we had lunch on campus at ANU and went to Focus! We got to talk to a few new people and share what we thought about the topic which was being taught. Then we went home and weekly planned until we had MCM at Brett Baker's house. After that we went and had dinner at Chris Stubb's house and he invited over one of his non member friends that we could meet and we got his number at the end of it all so we are hoping to meet up and teach him again! 

Friday- We had Zone conference all day followed by some interviews with P Back! It went really good and I learned a lot about being more consecrated and also about repentance! We played Jeopardy with the whole zone and my team smashed it!! I got told I couldn't answer any more questions because I was the only one answering! It was fun though haha. Then after all that we had a BBQ with the YSA at the Stake YSA parent's house which was so good! We had some good chats with YSA that we never have had chats with before so that was solid! I did my best card magic trick for them all too and they were stunned hahaha needless to say I felt pretty B.A.

Saturday- Yardley was down here for tradeoffs with us which was sick! We did service most the morning helping someone move. Then we went to lunch with Zac so Yard dog could see him haha. Then we went and had a lesson with Alysha which went well.. we aren't sure how much she is retaining but we will work on it haha. Then we went to one of the YSA's footy games and we got to chat with one of the LA's there which was a big miracle! Then we did some studies to end the night because we didn't get to do them in the morning.

Sunday- We went to Belconnen ward in the morning, Jack came and it was good! Then we went to a special YSA only sacrament meeting at an unused chapel in the stake! It was a good turnout and there was some bomb food afterwards which is always a blessing! Then we did ward listing on the south side the rest of the night and we had no luck haha but all goods!

I just want to testify of Jesus Christ and His Atonement! I know that the power of the Atonement is so real! I have felt my burdens lifted off my shoulders and I have felt forgiveness through repentance. I literally have felt the weight lifted off of me and onto my Savior! I know that he is real, nothing else can bring me this much comfort and peace, that Jesus Christ brings me! I know He lives and I love Him!

Have a good week!

Elder Jenson

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