Monday, September 28, 2015

He's learning Tongan

Please keep Cam in your prayers as he learns Tongan, I'm sure he'll need all the blessings he can receive! Thanks for all the support and prayers on his behalf thus far! Here's to another week in he land down unda.
Week 5 is in the books! Sorry i messed up my week count last week haha but i figured it out! One more week to transfers! My P day will be on Tuesday next week (Monday for yous) That will happen at the end of every transfer (evry 6 weeks) so just a heads up :)

Monday- Normal P day we went and played touch Rugby with our zone at a park and that was pretty fun!! Nothing compares to football though! Then we had FHE with our Bishop and his family and we taught about sharing the gospel with everyone! 

Tuesday- We taught an investigator that is the sister missionaries and we finished up teaching him about the Priesthood and about temple work for people who have died in his family! He got so stoked when he heard this! His baptism date is Oct. 24! He is freaking awesome!! He said the best prayer at the end and it totally just flooded the room with the Spirit! So sweet!!

Wednesday- Elder Yardley got a new companion and is training him! His trainee is from Tonga/west valley. He is super awesome! I also found out on this day that i will be training at the end of the transfer as well! So i will only have been out for 6 weeks and I will be training a new missionary! Pretty excited and nervous haha so I will either stay in this same area and train or I will get shotgunned into an area with my trainee! I will train him for 12 weeks and then after that I will probably get put into the Tongan program and I will be learning Tongan!!!!! I am so excited to learn a new language!! President needs more white boys who can speak Tongan so I volunteered and he kept making sure i was being serious and i told him that i am 100 percent sure! It will be hard but man it will be so sweet to be able to learn a new lanfuage and President is excited that I was willing to take it on!

Thursday- Elder Smith and I did service for a less active family for about 4 hours so that was pretty fun haha then we just found the rest of the day haha nothing too exciting!

Friday-Had District training meeting (DTM) and got taught about the history of the church which was so awesome! Then we did finding that day and we gave a Book of Mormon to a lady who seemed very interested on reading it and was glad we had a free one to give her! Then a member from the ward took us to Mcdonalds and bought us dinner and told us about how he converted to the church and how he converted his friend after! Really solid guy!

Saturday- Crappy day for finding.. we struggled to get motivated but we had good lessons with a less active and a member family! We watched the Because of Him video and invited them to always recognize the little or big things that we have in life because of Christ!

Sunday- Got 2 new investigators at church! One of them showed up to church after it was over and told bishop that he wanted to be taught and just had heaps of questions that will be answered in the first lesson and he has already read the BoM almost all the way through so we are excited to contact him! Sacrament meeting was way good! The youth just returned from trek and they all bore such strong testimonies! Made me tear up a bunch! It was cool to hear them all say that they know the church is true and for some of them it was the first time that they had said it! 

The work is slow in Aussie ville but we are working hard to turn that around! Sorry if the descriptions of the days are kinda short haha but i know this Church is the only true Church on this Earth and that there is no other way or name given that we can be saved but through Jesus Christ! Love you all have a good week! 
I don't think he takes enough selfies... do you? Last day as a triforce.

Stormy day at the beach, he said the waves were huge

rainbow selfie

beach pic again

werk it, werk it...

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