Sunday, September 6, 2015

Short and sweet

Just a few pictures this week and a short but sweet e-mail from Cam. Please continue to keep him and his companions in your prayers and pray for those investigators and the people they are trying to reactivate. Thank you from our family for all the prayers and kind emails that were received on Cams behalf, he's lucky to have such a supportive group of friends. Until next week!

Thank you all so much for your kind emails and for keeping me in your prayers! Heavenly Father has been with me helping me and strengthening me and I know its because all of your faithful prayers! I am doing so much better and things are definitely getting better! So thank you all again! This weeks email is going to be short, because we have no investigators so all we do all week is ride the train and talk to people and go around town finding potential investigators! We have had dinner over at a couple member's homes so that has been nice because I miss home cooked meals! We were able to teach a couple quick lessons to Less Active members and members which I loved because teaching is so awesome! I'm looking forward to this coming week to meet more people! I will do a better detailed email next week covering what happened on every day because really nothing too exciting has happened! haha Love all of you and thank you again for the support! Talk to you soon mates!
breakfast on the beach baby (too bad he can't swim in the ocean...)

BYOC (bring your own cup, duh) at 7-11. 

scary cockatoo that keeps coming around, they feed him all the time (no wonder he keeps coming back...)

parakeets that they feed as well... 

Elder Smith feeding the birds

Cam gave Elder Smith a haircut... what a brave soul.

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