Monday, September 21, 2015

I shaved my legs.

Man I have been out in Australia for 5 weeks already!! This Transfer is flying by! Looking forward to the next transfer and seeing where I end up. We lose like 27 missionaries this month but get 30 coming in, so I might be training a greenie haha so we will see! Here is my week!

Monday- We emailed, shopped, and bummed around the Westfield in Miranda which is just a really big mall! Me and Elder Smith got some really good discounts on G-shocks, which are nice watches so we each bought one of those! We did some finding after p day but we didn't have much luck.

Tuesday- We found all day because we still have no investigators. We talked to heaps of peeps but none of them were really keen (interested) with what we had to say. We lost the car keys on the train so we had to get our mission president's permission to take the train out of our boundaries to Bondi Junction to get the keys from the lost and found there. It was about an hour to get there and an hour to get back haha but we were actually in the city in Sydney!!! We didn't see the opera house or the harbor bride :( but it was still fun haha Then we had dinner at a member's house! They are the Cashmans and we had some tuna casserole which i actually liked hahaha

Wednesday- We had zone conference and got trained by the President and his wife, the assistants to the presidents and some of the office Elders! We learned that our purpose is to teach the doctrine of Christ and to Baptize! I truly love President Back he is such an awesome guy and so funny when he talks hahaha man i love him! After that we went finding and Elder Yardley balled out! He talked to fetching everyone!! It was nuts and we were so happy to see him get over his nerves and talk to people!

Thursday- Pretty basic day, got some things done that needed to be done then we just found all day. We had dinner at Adrienne's house, a less active in our ward, and she fed us homemade pizza!! It was the bomb! We taught her about prayer and the member we brought with us compared it to a phone that has cell service no matter where you are! I love that analogy because we can literally pray anywhere, anytime and anyone can do it! Prayer is the best!!

Friday- We helped a less active move to her new flat and she is going to take us to lunch on the following Tuesday and we will teach her and talk about coming back to church! It was nice to do some service. Then we went and visited some less actives and one ended up telling us his whole life story for like an hour haha he has a crazy life! Then we had to go get something from a store in the mall for Elder Smith, so while we were there i bought a 45 lb plate from a sports store so I can do some effective workouts haha so I am glad to be doing some lifting again! Then coolest thing ever! We ran into an old potential at the train station and she said she would call us this week and that she is sorry she hasn't gotten back to us yet because she has just been super busy and she was the one who approached us so that was way sweet! 

Saturday- We had MCM with our ward mission leader and had lunch. We were waiting for a bus when a girl came up to us and asked for a Book of Mormon and we gave her one and asked if she would be interested in being taught by us and she said yeah! So we got her number and are going to contact her this week! Then we were by the beach when I saw a guy walking alone and I felt prompted to talk to him. So I asked him a couple of our survey questions then just went into bearing testimony of our message and the BOM! He has a christian background so he was keen as! He gave us his number and said he wanted to learn more! We gave  him the address of the church and he said he would probably come by one week! we are going to contact him this week! I really feel like he will be a solid investigator! 2 great miracles that day from the Lord!

Sunday- Had church, Elder Yardley gave a talk on sacrifice and did an awesome job! Then we went and visited less actives until we had splits with the mission prep class in Mortdale! We took a 21 year old Samoan kid with us and tracted the houses around the chapel! He did way good talking to random people by the buses and I was impressed! 

The work is super hard in this area because its full of rich people that think there life is good enough without religion. Most of Australia is just lazy with religion or honestly just doesn't care! So many people have never thought about God, afterlife, pre existence, or anything! It is sad to me that people think that after we die it is just a dark abyss and there is nothing haha that would scare the crap out of me if that is what i thought happened after death hahaha so missionaries are needed here and I am grateful to be on the Lords team and to know the things I know. I am also grateful I get to share this great message with the people of Australia! I love preaching the good word to everyone and giving them the hope that they need! The Church is so fetching true!!! I love this work and this Gospel and our savior Jesus Christ!! Love you all as well! Hope all is well with yous!! (you's is an Australian thing... I know I am cool.. hahahahaha jokes!!!) 

-Elder Jenson 

Bondi Junction

Golf course we saw...makes me wanna golf so bad! 

He doesn't like to take pictures of himself... 

huge rain storm they got caught in...

after the rain storm

no more morning breath...

Elder smith and Yardley chest bumped and Elder smith jumped so high he hit his nose on one of the tvs at the train station haha it was awesome!

what driving on the wrong side of the road looks like.

Ghetto new watch.

aaaaand he shaved his legs... for reasons unknown... My dad is ashamed.

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