Sunday, October 18, 2015

McDonalds three times in a week.

Man so this week has been fun!! Today is my last day in fairfield, then I am back to Sutherland tomorrow! The ward I have been in here is Samoan! I have loved it because I know that there is no pressure for me to learn the language because i was only here for two weeks haha! I have loved the ward so much and all the members have been amazing to me and so funny!! If this was an English speaking ward/area I would never want to leave!! I also get to go to the Sydney Temple tomorrow with my zone so that is going to be awesome because I miss going to the Temple! Here is the week rundown.

Monday- Had a fun P day with other Elders in our zone, we went and played laser tag at some place for only 3 bucks a game!! It was a ton of fun haha the Tongan elders are funny as when you play them in any competition type thing haha. The best i ever did was 3rd place so I mean I am above average at laser tag haha then we just had family home evening with our ward mission leader and his family! He is a young guy named Tony Mu who just got home from his mission in the Philippines a couple months ago! He actually served with Collin Boothe so if anyone could tell Boothe that or have him email me so I could talk to him that would be sweet!

Tuesday- Really basic day. We walked to member's houses because we don't have a car haha it was blazing hot and most the members weren't there when we got there haha but it was a good thing we tried to visit them haha and then we went to Mcdonalds with a member we met from visiting! We went to rescue night at the church to go visit Less Actives and we showed up at the wrong time haha so the bishop sent us with another member who showed up late, to Mcdonalds! haha so we had Mcdonalds twice within like an hour haha but i loved it because I was still hungry :)

Wednesday- Had another basic day haha just visited families and all that! I wrote in my journal this day, "God is great, work is good, and people are lost." haha so that sums up the mission here in Australia haha :)

Thursday- Kept visiting families in the ward! Had lunch with one family and they fed us heaps!!! I was so dang full after the first plate then the Dad of the family took my plate and piled more food on!! I finished it like a boss but i was so full! haha two short hours later we had dinner with another member family and had some delicious stirfry and curry! I tried an islander food called tarro and it was nasty! It is basically like eating wax! haha but everything else was really good!

Friday- We had Zone training meeting in the morning then we went around with the ZL's for the day which was pretty fun! It was like 35 degrees Celsius on this day and i was sweating everywhere!! haha it was so dang hot! Then we went to a steak house with a member from the ward who just got back from his mission a month ago! His name is Duke To'o and he has the funniest stories from his mission!! I was crying I was laughing so hard at his stories haha and he can't park a car to save his life!! He took like 5 minutes to park in the biggest parking spot ever!! haha

Saturday- Took the wrong bus and ended up in the north mission... whoops! haha so we had to get back into our mission then we went to lunch with a member at guess where?? Mcdonalds!! haha i really love Mcdonalds here haha I crave it too much.. I talked to a lady on this day who goes around blessing people with oil and all this weird stuff haha she was christian and non denominational and I asked if she had read the Book of Mormon and she said that she didn't like it because it honored Joseph Smith instead of Christ.. I told her how the Book of Mormon only testifies of Christ and she just said that it was hidden haha and that she would stick with the Bible.. I don't think she has actually read the BoM because her thoughts of it are really backwards and not true haha

Sunday- Sat through a Samoan ward meetings and couldn't understand a thing but still felt the spirit! I sung some hymns in Samoan haha well I tried! The hymns are beautiful in their language! Then we went to our ward mission leader's house for lunch and taught his 10 year old nephew which was awesome! I love teaching kids because it is so simple! I want to continue to teach that simple to everyone! We then did Zone splits and visited members and less actives and then had dinner at the stake mission leader's house!

I go back to my old area tomorrow and i am excited but a little sad as well! Everyone try to do the little things like prayer, scripture study, Family home evening, and attending church! These little things will help us to build on the foundation of Christ, and when we are built on that rock we CANNOT FALL!! So awesome so always remember that! 

Love youse heaps!!

Elder Jenson :)
jersey for 30 bones.. go bulls.


Zone dinner last night (Sunday)

MOM, it looks like he got our package with his shirt... and he found a pretty lava lava to wear (Polynesian type wrap/dress.)

what.... he knows how to cook his own meals? Breakfast of champions, baby.

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