Sunday, October 25, 2015

Halloween and Thanksgiving packages have arrived.

Man it was a pretty fast week with not too much going on! There were some really good highlights but there was some slow and basic days as well but here it is :)

Monday- Had my final P day in Fairfield and we did the basic emails, shop, and play touch rugby and basketball at a park! 

Tuesday-I got to go to the Sydney Temple which was so awesome! It is a lot smaller than it looks in pictures though haha but still really pretty! After that I ended up having another P day because I am back in Sutherland with Elders Smith and Boden! The reason I got another P day was because the day your zone goes to the temple is your P day for that week so lucky me I got another P day haha! We went to a member's house for dinner after P day and on the way there it was raining pretty dang hard! I loved it haha

Wednesday- Started off the day by teaching Gavin, one of our investigators! We taught him about the Plan of Salvation and he loved it! The spirit really worked through him as we taught him because his wife was trying to prove us wrong, which she didn't, haha and he was just like, I don't care what she says I am listening to my heart and sticking to what I believe and he believes what we are teaching him! Such an awesome lesson! Then we went and taught Rolf our other investigator about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we really focused on Faith with him. He needs to quit smoking so he can be baptised and so we told him he needs faith that the Lord can help him to overcome his addiction! We gave him a blessing and a quit smoking pamphlet to help him and we are going to get him some cinnamon flavored everything haha to help! I really felt the spirit work through me during these lessons and help me to know what to say and I was so grateful for the help from the Spirit in these lessons! It was a good day!

Thursday- We visited a Less Active member who has been in and out of jail and taught him about the power of the priesthood! He has a strong testimony but just struggles with addictions and bad habits! He really wants his brother and all his family to join the Gospel! He said he would give up his place in the Celestial Kingdom if it meant his family could be there, which I thought was just so awesome that family meant that much to him! Then we went to a member's home and taught her less active son and he was the fetching man! He was so cool to talk to and he was just a really awesome all around kid! We taught him about how the Lord is always with us and helps support us! He really wants to start coming back to church!

Friday- Really basic day! We had District Training in the morning and just then had a basic day of finding on the train and knocking some doors! I love knocking doors haha some people are really rude and it pisses me off, not gonna lie haha but i laugh at the same time because it is funny! They don't even let us say more than 3 words sometimes but it's all goods! Then Elder Yardley and Elder Piukalla came down from there area and stayed the night for Chris Lee's baptism the next day! It was a good day and night! 

Saturday- It was the man, the myth, the legend Chris Lee's Baptism!! It was such a sweet experience seeing someone as happy as him and someone with so much faith and such a strong testimony be baptised! It was truly beautiful!! He was literally glowing! haha Then we went and had lunch with Yardley and Piukalla before they left! We Tried this hot salsa from a mexican restaurant that was made from the Carolina Reaper which is a mix of a Ghost chile and a Habenaro Pepper! It burnt my mouth so bad I had to ask for another burrito with new salsa in it and go to the store and buy some milk to drink! The worker just told us that it was pretty hot, not that it was going to burn our faces off!!! Elders Smith and Yardley tried it and they were dying the instant it touched their mouth hahahaha! So we bought two sides it to take to members houses with us so they can try it :) lol!

Sunday- Rolf came to church like he usually does and he loves it! This week was the Primary Program and it was a success for them!! Such a good spirit felt there! Then we did more finding during the day and then had dinner with members! Solid Sabbath day!

The mission is so awesome!! I love being here and mission life is so freaking fun!! I can't wait to keep going on through my mission! :) I miss you all and would love to hear from any of you! haha so don't be afraid to send me an email or some pics! hahaha!This is a good Scriptural thought I wanted to send it is Mosiah 4:7  
"I say, that this is the man who receiveth salvation, through the atonement which was prepared from the foundation of the world for all mankind, which ever were since the fall of Adam, or who are, or who ever shall be, even unto the end of the world." The Atonement is for EVERYONE! It covers all! Anything can be healed from the Atonement and everyone will return to live with our Heavenly Father because of the Atonement of Christ! So use the Atonement and Thank God for it often!! Love ya all heaps!! 

temple time

Zone at the temple

aww.. my mom sent a cute little package for Cam and his comp.

knocking and getting rejected #missionlyfe

Chris Lee's baptism

The chinese elders, so fun!

Cam, Elder Smith, Chris Lee, and Elder Yardley

Look at that cool tie knot.

Thanksgiving/halloween package... he's a "turkey" get it? 

Wow... He's the cutest

Robes from the DI... they said they washed them.. who really knows though
Chris Lee's Baptism


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