Sunday, November 1, 2015


Man it was a quick week here in Sydney Australia!! Been a lot of fun and it has been a busy busy week! Here is the recap for youse :)

Monday- Played basketball at the church with all the missionaries in the zone and it was so fun! Elder Smith is a really good basketball player haha he played for Tville until his senior year then he played for Westlake! Look him up on youtube hahaha he makes me look worse than I already am haha! But i'm taller than him so heck yeah! Then we went to the Liehr family's home for FHE and carved pumpkins! That was after we had a bomb meal and had a spiritual lesson :)

Tuesday- Just wasn't the best day haha we were feeling really lazy and just not very motivated! We didn't feel like talking to anyone while we were out on the train and stuff. Felt pretty useless haha but we got over the discouraged feeling and bounced back through out the week! I don't like being lazy haha you just feel like crap at the end of the day and you know you wasted a day! 

Wednesday- We did 7 hours of service! haha We helped out on a group service project at a guys house who is a hoarder! He had so much stuff all in his front yard! There were so many huge spiders while we were de junking the yard haha all the Aussies were making fun of us yanks for being scared of spiders! They were pretty freaking huge though haha I will send pics of the pile of junk, it was huge!! Then we helped some lady across the street unpackage bubble guns and assemble them! She bought us lunch and gave us some nice sun glasses for our help! She had a ton of exotic animals that she let us hold and see too! I actually let a bird on my shoulder shockingly! I hate birds haha but it was sweet! Then we taught Rolf again and discussed Faith and quitting smoking! as of Sunday November 1st he hasn't smoked in two days!! So he is making progress and we are getting close to having him ready for baptism! Really awesome guy i love him! 

Thursday- We taught Gavin our other investigator and we taught him about Christ and why having faith in him is important! We watched a bible video of Christ suffering for us and dying for us then when he is resurrected! He liked the lesson and it went really well! The spirit was definitely there no denying that! Then we had dinner at the Kendrick's home and we played kickball before dinner with the Dad and all the kids! They made some delicious mexican food! We gave Brother Kendrick the Hot salsa that we had last week and it didn't even phase him!! All the kids died when they had it though! hahaha :)

Friday- We had district training meeting as usual then we went an found people all day around the little shops in Cronulla! We ran into our boy Jeremy (the guy who bought us steaks last transfer) He is doing good but still struggling with life! He was really nice to us and he respects us a ton! He is a good guy!

Saturday- Halloween isn't really a thing here haha very few people celebrate it! We went door knocking and when people weren't interested we just told them we were dressed up as missionaries as a joke and they bought it! hahahaha so then we would just talk to them and at the end of the conversation we would just tell them we really were missionaries and it was just hilarious! I said trick or treat a couple times to break the ice at a couple of doors haha i love door knocking it's fun :) Then we got our faces painted for free before the Ward trunk or treat party at the church! I looked like the Joker! Pics will be coming! The trunk or treat was awesome! A lot of people from the neighborhood who weren't even members so that was way sweet! 

Sunday- Great fast and testimony meeting! Rolf came to church as usual and Gavin is going to come next week! We went out and talked to people in Cronulla again by all the shops and planted a lot of seeds in peoples hearts! Felt good to put in effort and talk to heaps of people! The Lord will always provide for us as long as we keep trying our best and do what he has asked us to do! 

Man I love the mission! So excited for all my friends who are getting ready to go on their missions! It is so worth it!! Just want you all to know that the Lord is aware of you and knows you personally! He knows what you are going through, have been through, and will go through! He is always there for you and he understands perfectly everything you go through! The Lord loves you all as do I! Have a good week!! :)

He's the cutest that we know

I don't think I trust him with that knife.


asian pumpkins are always better

family portrait.

Pumpkin faces

Liehr Family

When Cam was younger he was TERRIFIED of birds... I guess he's facing his fear

Isn't that cute.


I think they went to an aviary? he didn't tell us where he was in the email.

This is the house they helped clean... no thanks, man. 

I'm scared, they call trunks "boots" in the land down UNDAAAA

why so serious?

two of the kendrick kids

Chris Lee and his wife

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