Monday, November 9, 2015


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So a lot has happened in one week! Been a really challenging and rewarding week! So to start off Elder Smith got transferred out of Sutherland! He got assigned two new companions from the US that are assigned Mandarin Speaking! They are both from Utah! That left me with Elder Boden and I am his new trainer now instead of 
Smith! So I am now a senior companion/trainer and I am running the Sutherland area! I had some trouble adjusting to Smith leaving so fast because he was like one of my best friends honestly! I have been relying on the Lord a whole lot for help to be able to train and be in charge of an area and just to be able to adjust to the new change! The Lord has not left me alone! He has been here with me every step of the way :) The actual transfer doesn't happen until next Monday but the new Mandarin speakers came in a week and a half early! So next Monday is Transfers and we will find out if we are leaving the area, getting a new comp, or training, etc! I hope I stay in Sutherland because I really like it here! So my P day will be on Tuesday next week just so you all know :) Oh and GREAT NEWS!! Rolf our investigator is getting baptised this Saturday! Keep him in your prayers! Here is my weekly run down for you's!

Monday- We had a basic P day, Emailed, shopped, then went and played some Basketball with some other elders at the Chapel! Then we went to Bishop's house for FHE and dinner! Rolf was able to come too and be apart of it which was really good for him!

Tuesday- Elder Smith had a zone leader, training meeting so Elder Boden and I were on trade offs with Elder Brown the other Zone leader's Companion! We went around his area in Hurtsville and did some finding on the train and taught one of their investigators about the Book Of Mormon and it was a really powerful lesson! Then we went and got Smith at the end of the night and we got the bad news that he was being transferred so that put a damper on the mood for the night haha but luckily we were able to go over to Chris and Nicole Lee's house for dinner and we made homemade pizza's! It was really freaking good haha and they are awesome! Then we shared a message with them about the power of the Book of Mormon! The Spirit was so strong that night!

Wednesday- We took Smith to the mission office to get his new companions and we got to meet them and all the new missionaries that came in! They all seem like studs! Then we went and taught Rolf at he Chapel and we taught him about the Plan of Salvation! We then committed him to November 14th for his Baptism! He has such a strong testimony and he is so faithful in all that he does! He is the fetching man! Then we had dinner at the Baker's home and they made us a baked chicken with all sorts of veggies! It was super good! Then we played Settlers of Catan with them and shared a message after!

Thursday- There was an orientation for all the new missionaries that just came in this transfer and so we went to that. It was a good reminder of all the things we should be doing as missionaries and all the rules we need to follow! It is a whole new level of discipleship as a missionary! SO many rules and guidelines haha it can be tough but it is worth it! The main thing the Spirit whispered to me that night was that its not about my wants or my will, but it is about the Lord's will and I need to have faith in his plan for me and submit myself to His will which can be tough at times but it is totally worth it when you do it! Then we had dinner at the Kendrick's home and played kickball with all the little kids! The second youngest Blake just loves me and totally plays favorites with me and the mom and dad always call him out about it and just laugh at him! He reminds me of myself honestly just super awesome and handsome ;) hahaha jokes! But that family is awesome I love em!

Friday- We had Zone training meeting and that went really good! Our investigator Gavin cancelled our appointment for that day which sucked but he did re schedule for the next week and he was super nice about it haha! Then we went and taught Rolf and we finalized more of his baptism! He chose Elder Smith to baptise him and me to confirm him the next day at church! I am so excited for him!! Then we had dinner at the Liehr's house and they are actually related to the Kendricks which explains why they are both so awesome!! Then we went home for the night after that :)

Saturday- We went and played bball in Mortdale with the AP's and Elder smith and his Comps. After we just got ready at the AP's flat and we went to the stake president's daughters baptism! It was really awesome to see the love and support she had and to see her enter into such a sacred Covenant with our Father in heaven! Then we went home and had lunch and then went to do some service after that! The service was just some easy yard work haha so then we went and found on the train and I talked to a really nice old lady who just was so kind to me and she made my whole day honestly! She was just a fun lady to have a conversation with and she has a strong faith in Christ! But she is already a member of the Uniting church haha but she said she would love to talk anytime about religion! Then we went to dinner at the best place ever!! It was called the Great Southern Burger Company in Cronulla! They have the best chips (fries) and I had a really nice Crispy Chicken sand-which!! Then we went home for the night!

Sunday- We had a good Sacrament and Gospel principles class! After church we taught Rolf and got everything filled out for his baptism program! Then we went and visited a less active member and taught him about feasting on the Words of Christ! He is a really nice guy and is just grateful for when ever we come over because he gets pretty lonely! Then we went to Bishop's house to borrow some milk for dinner and they just ended up keeping us for dinner when we got there which was super nice of them!! We played Taboo with them and then we shared a message on the Book of Mormon again and it was such a strong spirit in the room again!! 

I have learned a lot about submitting myself to the Lord's will this week. I am not great at doing it yet and it is a constant battle but I am trying my best to do so! I know that everything happens for a reason and it will all be for my benefit! I truly know the Lord answers prayers! I have already seen it time and time again on my mission! I love being out here, it honestly is the HARDEST thing I have ever done I can't lie to you. Not every day is the best and it can be a drag! Sometimes I hate it here and want to quit, but then I remember that it is not about me!! It is about doing what the Lord has asked! I am doing my best to forget myself and just do the Lord's will! The mission may be hard and it can suck at times but all the great experiences and good times out weigh the bad times! All the blessings and good experiences make it all worth it!! I love you all have a good week! Don't be afraid to shoot your boy an email or two or even a letter would be sweet, it's only 2.75 to send one.... :) Have a good week!! 

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