Sunday, November 22, 2015

106 degrees in NOVEMBER... gag.

Hello Family and friends! It has been a good week for us here in Sutherland! Here is the rundown!

Monday- It was transfers so we didn’t have P day on this day! It was a super slow and basic day. We did finding pretty much the whole day! Then at night we visited a less active member who is about our age and he is the man! We have met with him before and he really is like a guy that I would be friends with back at home so it is easy to talk to him and teach him! It was a good lesson and he is really taking big steps in coming back to church!

Tuesday- We had P day and it was a really awesome and basic day hahaha! We emailed then we went and walked around the mall and all the shops in Cronulla which is like the beach area! Then we went to the Cashman’s home for dinner and we had meat pies! They are a big aussie thing here! Twas a good P day!

Wednesday- Really basic day as well. We did finding on the train like usual for the whole day mostly! Then we went to a member’s home for a lesson with one of his friends who is investigating the church but she wasn’t able to make it so we just had some pizza with him and shared a message! After that we went and did more finding haha and we just didn’t have all that much success. Gets hard to want to talk to people when all they do is reject you and some days you are on fire and talk to everyone but other days you just can’t build up the courage, so I am trying to be good at talking to people every day! Finding got better as the week progressed though!

Thursday-We did finding to start the day, then we went and visited some less actives in the ward! We were able to meet with two of them before we had a meeting with the ward mission leader and the sister missionaries of the ward! After our meeting with them we met with Rolf at the chapel and just talked with him about how life has been going since his baptism! He has been struggling with his wife because she is really close minded about our church and she isn’t really supportive of him and his decisions which is tough on him. So we just let him vent to us and we were able to just give him counsel and comfort :) Then we went to dinner at the mall and I had some fish n chips that were really good and they were only 5 dollars!! That is a good deal for a meal here in Aussie land!! I liked it a lot and anyone who know’s me I am a huge bargain hunter haha! 

Friday- Fun fact about this day was it was 106 degrees…. in November!!! hahaha being from Utah that is super weird to me! Needless to say it was super hot!! The wind burned our eyes as we walked in the streets! Fetch it was so freaking hot hahahaha it was easy one of the hottest days of my life! It is only spring too so I can expect more of that weather once it is summer time! We had DTM and then we went and taught Gavin! We read 2 Nephi 31 with him and his wife and just helped to break it down for him so that he can understand it better! He had to go to work so it was a quicker lesson but we got through the whole chapter which was good! We wanted to discuss them getting married more but we have to wait until our next lesson but we will get them there :) then we went and did some finding at the train station and we were able to talk to heaps of peeps and we got like 3 potential investigators which is the best we have had in awhile! A potential investigator is just anyone who gives us there phone number or address and says that they are interested but it was a huge blessing from the Lord!

Saturday-We went to a member’s baseball game for a little to see him and his family! While we were there we got called by a member asking for a blessing! She lived right by the field and the member we got to come with us lived really close by as well so that was a cool blessing for us! We went and gave her a blessing and gave her counsel as she is preparing to quit smoking! Then we went and did some less active/Member visits and we were able to meet with a member family who we had never visited before and we were able to share a good message with them and help them to move a table! Then we had Maccas for dinner mmmm :) 

Sunday- Had a good day at church then we went to the Liehr’s home for a lunch with them and the Kendrick family because they are related! He had some burgers and fries! It was fun getting to play baseball with the kids and stuff like that too! Really love both of those families a ton!! They make me feel like I am at home! Then we went to Chris Lee’s house and had dinner with him and his wife Nicole! She made some delicious Chicken Risotto! Then we watched the "John Tanner Story” video with them which is really good and I encourage you all to YouTube it! After which we just discussed following the promptings of the Spirit and we talked about Temples! Then we got home at 8:50 and we are trying to me more obedient and I got a prompting on the way home not to go into the flat until 9 like we are supposed to. So I told Boden that we will go walk around the block real quick and come back by 9! We ended up running into a member of our ward at his car by our flat and while talking to him a guy named John came up and talked to us and told us about his life story! He has a lot of issues and is homeless.. really sad situation! We gave him the address to the church and told him to come check it out on Sunday! Then after that we were able to help the member of our ward carry up some stuff from his car into his flat! So just by not going home 10 minutes early the Lord blessed us and put us in the paths of these two people and it really just showed me how important obedience is and how much the Lord has a hand in everything we do! One of the coolest things to happen so far for me on my mission! :)

My spiritual message for the week is very short and simple! Follow the promptings of the Spirit! Don’t question in your mind when you get a thought or a prompting, “Is this me thinking this, or is this a prompting from God?” If we are living worthy and being a good person then we don’t need to worry! We just need to act on the prompting and I know the Lord will bless us and something will come of it!! I know it is true! I just witnessed it in my life yesterday!! I know things don’t happen by just sheer chance, they happen because they are supposed to happen!! I also know that the Lord answers prayers! I have been needing Him a lot lately and He has been with me every step and I am so grateful for that! I love this Gospel and I love being on a mission! The church is true!! I know it and I can never deny it!! Love you all! Have a good week :) 

Oh and p.s. I am driving here which is pretty cool.. Not gonna lie I feel cool saying I know how to drive on the right side of the car, on the left side of the road.. I don’t know I think it is pretty legit hahaha well love ya’ll!!

-Elder Jenson
DA true church baby!

Onward Christian soldiers....marching as to war!

Cut his own hair.... not too bad if you ask me... 

Cam's mini-me, Blake. He told his mom he was coming to live with our family when Cam goes home. His mom said, "I'll miss you, Blake." to which he replied, "I'll come visit." Looks like we will have a new addition to the family in a couple years haha

Elder Lee, not to be confused with Elder Li from the picture last week... 

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