Monday, October 12, 2015

The Church is TRUE y'all

Man what a crazy week it has been so far! Here are the details on what happened from transfers! I got sent into the Tongan program with two Tongan Elders and it was a huge shock to me what that all really entailed. I was expecting to just study the language everyday and then be in a ward/area where there was some Tongan speaking members/people and the rest English. Well boy was I wrong! We visited members and investigators and I couldn't understand them and they couldn't understand me! I missed being able to enjoy a simple conversation and being able to bear my testimony and to testify of the truthfulness of our message. I found out that all we would be doing is finding and teaching Tongan people, no English speaking people. I began to become overwhelmed and my anxiety that I had experienced before came right back! I am pretty ashamed and embarrassed to say that I called President Back and asked to go back to the English program. He was able to get me back to Sutherland with Elder Smith and our new trainee that came in this week. I felt a lot better being back into an English program and my anxiety went away! President Back is the best Mission President I could have asked for! Well then some more change came my way haha I got news from the Ap's that I would need to go to Fairfield for 2 weeks to be with Elder Falefitu because his new trainee is coming in later than the rest and he needed a companion! Weird thing is before I received this news I had Elder Smith give me a blessing to calm my nerves and anxiety and boy did it work! I felt so at peace and I knew how much the savior loved me and that he is fully aware of my situation and all he cares is that I move forward with faith and strength and keep trying my best! I felt so loved and comforted by the Spirit. I knew that this temporary assignment was for my own good and experience. I get nervous about getting new companions and going to a new area and I know that after this blessing that the Lord gave me this assignment because he know
s it will prepare me for the future of my mission! So don't worry family and friends Cam Jens is doing good!! :) I am slowly finding myself more and more each day! Conference really helped me with everything as well! I kept hearing the message through out the talks that as long as we submit ourselves to the will of the Father and accept his will for us and have faith in it then all will be ok and he will provide a way for us to overcome our trials. I also knew that everything I have gone through and all that I will go through will be for my own good and for my personal progression! It is hard to pick a favorite talk from conference because the whole thing was just so dang good!! The message that I took away was to trust in God with all our heart, might, mind and strength and that is what I need to get better at on the mission! I also loved Elder Holland's talk on mothers and how their love for their children is the closest thing to Christ's love for us! It made me appreciate my mother so much more and made me realize all that she does for me, big and little! I love this Gospel and I love being a missionary! I really would invite anyone who isn't a member to take the missionary discussions and to give this Church a try because what is it going to hurt if you just try? It will only make you happier and fill your life with more peace! Our Heavenly Father loves us all so much and he wants us all to return to live with him again and so he sent his only begotten son  Jesus Christ to perform the most amazing and loving act ever for EVERYONE and that is the Atonement! The Atonement of Christ is why I am still on a mission today. Without the Atonement I would not be able to overcome the hard times out here but through Christ all is possible and because of it Christ Understands anything and everything that we have or will go through! Use the Atonement often and you will feel more peace and comfort in your own life. I can truly testify of that because it has done that for me and continues to do it for me everyday! This church is TRUE!! I invite all to find that out for themselves because you will come to know the truth and come on what's it going to hurt to just give it a shot? :) Love you all heaps! Keep me all updated on your lives as well!
Chris Lee, golden investigator. He was baptized 10/24/2015

Old district in Sutherland.

transfer, Movie on 6" screen

I'm a DRIVER NOWWWW watch out Aussies.

Their new son, Elder Boden from the Phoenix area.

Oh look, another cute bird

Elder Melville from Timp, played against him in basketball, apparently he's really good.

The Philippios  

Selfie with his ZOOOONE

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