Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Tornados and thunderstorms

This will be a quick one because I am limited on time today so I will make it quick :)

Monday- We had zone p day and we played ultimate frisbee, and dodgeball! Then we went to and did service for a family who is moving then we went to bishops for FHE!

Tuesday- Just had a day full of service for two different people! We helped dig up a palm tree and I got to use the pic axe and it was a lot of fun! I really like pic axes hahaha! I felt like an early latter day saint working on the temple! haha then we went and taught Rolf and then had dinner at the Cashmans to finish our day off!

Wednesday- We had a Tornado hit in a town like 5 minutes away from us so the thunderstorm that hit this day was crazy!! We got soaked running from maccas to our car hahaha! Then we got some hair cuts at Elder Smiths flat from his comp! Then we had dinner at the Lee's home where we shared a message with them and they read a Christmas story to us about the true meaning of Christmas and it was so great!

Thursday- Was feeling really trunky (wanting to go home) in the morning so it was a slow start to the day haha then we shared a message with a Less Active member that went really good! then we went to work at the Temple lights which is like an hour away! It was a lot of fun! We saw heaps of members there and talked to a lot of people!

Friday- We had DTM where we got trained on Comp unity hahaha something I haven't really had too much this transfer but it is a work in progress! Then we practiced our song as a zone that we were going to sing at Christmas Conference! Then we did service and had dinner at a members home!

Saturday- Had Service for an elderly lady in the ward then we went over to a Less Active's house for lunch and a message! He was in a really angry mood so we had to try really hard to calm him down haha pretty scary at first but the Spirit helped to calm him down! Then we went to give a blessing to a sister that the sister missionaries were visiting and she gave us a Lebanese dessert and not thinking I just ate it! Turns out it had nuts in it! It was walnuts that were in it but the lady said it was Pistachios! So I was freaking out with my epi pen ready to inject myself but I kept waiting for a reaction and nothing happened! Turns out that the one I had was walnuts and that the one next to it on the same plate was Pistachios so the Lord was looking out for me and guided my hand to pick the one I ate! Lesson learned to  ask before I just eat haha! I felt so blessed!

Sunday- Had church then we went to lunch at the Liehr's home and then we shared a mormon message with them! After that we had the First Presidency's  Christmas Devotional at the Chapel! It was good to get to watch that and I hope you all watch it too!

Monday- Christmas Conference all day!! Got to see all the missionaries in the mission! It was so good to see everyone!! Got to see my main man Yardley too so that was so awesome!! We got to watch the Other Side of Heaven too which was cool because I have never seen it! 

I Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! Remember the true meaning of it and keep the Savior in our thoughts and hearts! Also enjoy your time with your family and let them know how much you appreciate them! Love you all!! 

-Elder Jenson :)

at the Christmas lights



selfie with his zone

cheap jerseys he bought... I'm sure he's in heaven




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