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For anybody who is wanting to send Elder Jenson a Christmas package or card, please do so. The address for packages and regular mail is on the right hand side of this blog. Don't feel obligated to send him anything, we know its expensive. But we also know he would love to receive anything via mail during the holidays. Our boy's birthday is on the 9th (That's Wednesday, people) send him a nice e-mail wishing him a happy birthday, he would love to hear from all of you! k thanks byeeee.

Hello beloved family and friends! Excited to be taking to all of you’s today! Here is my fun filled week for ya! :)

Monday- Had a bomb P day! We went and emailed to start off the day like usual, then we went to the mall and did some christmas shopping! After that we went and balled our little hearts out at the chapel with the other Elders! Then we had an awesome family home evening with the Bishop and his family! His little kids are pretty darn cute gotta admit haha! 

Tuesday- Started the day off with some service for the same elderly couple from last week! That went well then we went and got lunch on the way home from that! After that we went and gave a Sister missionary in our area a blessing at the chapel! After that we had a lesson with Rolf at the Chapel and taught him about the millennium and it was an awesome lesson! That lesson strengthened my testimony a lot! Then we went to the Cashman’s home for dinner like usual and then we started a one day trade-off with our district leader! Elder Boden stayed here with our DL and I went to Bankstown to the Samoan ward with Elder Davis for Tuesday night to Wednesday night! Elder Davis is the man!

Wednesday- We went to a funeral service for a young boy who passed away in the Bankstown ward. It was really surreal to see the Mom and Dad get up and talk about their son and his death. Even though it was in Samoan and i couldn’t understand it, it still made me so emotional! Watching the father be a pall bearer for his own son’s casket made it hard not to cry! It was such a surreal experience to me to see parents have to burry their own child. That is something I hope I will never have to experience and my heart goes out to anyone who has experienced it or will experience it. The B-E-A-UTIFUL thing is that the Plan of Salvation is real! The parents will see their son again and I know it! Heavenly Father made the perfect plan for us and it makes it possible for us to live again and be with our families after death, all thanks to the Atonement and Resurrection of Christ! That gave me comfort through the day at the funeral services! The funeral was at the 3rd largest cemetery in the world called Rookwood! So that was a cool experience! Then we went to the feed after the funeral and talked with members and people who were there! After that we visited a kid who is getting ready to be baptised and it went well! Then we got to go be guides at the Temple for the Christmas lights there with our district! It was way fun and it was weird because it is warm outside and there are lights up hahaha! The lights at Temple Square are better but it was still way fun to get to do that! We didn’t get home till 11:45 that night which was poopy but its all good it was a sweet experience! :)

Thursday- We had weekly planning then we went to the elderly couple’s house that we do service for and we took their garbage cans out for them because they are heavy and we didn’t want them to have to do it! Then we went and had a good lunch at home, and after that we visited a less active and shared a message on the Grace of God! It was a powerful lesson! I have loved just baring my testimony to everyone I teach because that is really all we are doing is just testifying of truth to them! Then we gave him a blessing which he requested and it went well and he ended up coming to church on Sunday so that was a huge blessing because he hasn’t come in a while! Then we went and started family history with Rolf and that went good! He loves to talk about his Swiss history! haha then we went to the Lier’s home for dinner and we shared the new video A World Without a Savior with them and discussed the impact Christ has had on all of our lives!

Friday- Had a zone Training meeting then we went and did service for bishop and helped him to move into his new house! That took up a lot of our day which was good haha then we went to the Lee’s home and shared a meal and a message with them! They are the funniest and nicest people! I love them and their strong testimonies that they have! Pretty simple day!

Saturday- We had to go buy a pan to cook some stuff on because we made cookies and a cake for the Liehr and Kendrick family to say thanks to them for all that they do for us! So after we made those we went and helped set up for the Ward Christmas party! It was a pretty fun night at the party! A lot of people and food! I enjoyed myself! That took up a lot of our night then we just went home for the night and went night night! 

Sunday- Had an awesome day at Church! Our new investigator Ramone, who a member referred to us came to church! He came along with Rolf, and the Less Active member that I mentioned! it was awesome to see and kinda overwhelming because there are only two of us Elders to talk to all of them and all the members! hahaha but it was awesome! After Church we did some personal study then we went and delivered the cookies and cake we made to the Lier’s and Kendricks and shared a message with each of them! After that we went to the Stake Recent convert fireside and of course Rolf came! He felt the Spirit hard out! I also felt the Spirit so strong tonight! Some of the Recent converts in the Stake got up and bore their testimony and told their conversion story and it was hard to not tear up!! It was an AWESOME fireside! It was especially awesome to hear Chris Lee tell his story and bare his testimony! At the end Rolf got so emotional and just began to cry! He is truly so grateful for this Gospel and he loves it so much! I am grateful that the Lord put him in our paths! He is such a humble guy and he truly knows the church is true and he just wants to do all he can to please God!

My spiritual thought for the week is the fact that the Lord’s hand is stretched out towards us and all we need to do is reach back out to him. How do we do that? We keep his commandments and are obedient to his teachings, that shows how much we love him and it is how we stretch forth our hand to grab his! Love and serve everyone you meet and do all you can to stay obedient to the commandments! Love you all! Have a good week!!!

Love, Elder Cam Jens :)
Part of the nativity at the temple

Isn't this a cute little angel? No.

Picture with the creepy angel

All of the lights, baby.

District at the temple art museum


Cute tie and hat for the Christmas party

Ward Christmas party

Came and Rolf

Cam and his Companion, Elder Boden... OH and santa.
Cameron, Angus, and Alex...

Sister Liehr and Sister Ryan


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