Monday, June 27, 2016


Wow time flies haha it is already P day!! Here is my weekly recap!
Monday- We went and balled out at the indoor basketball courts! We went 3-1 on the day and it was a lot of fun getting to play some competitive basketball! After that we went and had dinner at the Johnstones! they are the family that Elder Yardley baptised while he was here and they are awesome! Kieran is 17 and just loves missionaries haha! We had dinner and a lesson at their house and then we went to Roberts house and showed him the Hope of God's Light Mormon message and it was so solid! He is the man and he is building up a strong testimony!
Tuesday- Man we had a solid day! We did some service for Sister Tyson and then after that we got to teach 5 lessons!! We had a solid day and it was good to teach! We went to the Tina'o family's house for dinner that night and man I love that family! Pretty full on day and just a good day with no appointments falling through haha!
Wednesday- We helped a member move to his new house and then after that he shouted us a massive feed! Then we went to FHE with Sister Tyson and The Player family! We had a good scripture discussion! Then we went to the Tiananga's house for dinner! This night was the big rugby game called the State of Origin and it is NSW vs. Queensland and it is like the superbowl for rugby! We weren't allowed to watch it so instead President told us to go knock doors instead so we tracted during the game and man it was so funny! We even got invited with a bunch of like 19 year old kids for a couple minutes and we just chatted with them during the game haha pretty funny! We had no luck during it but we made some good memories haha!
Thursday- Man what a slow day for us haha! We had 2 of our appointments fall through so that sucked! We had one lesson with our investigator Byron and it was solid! We taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ and he loved it! We talked about how it feels to repent and be baptized and he was just so keen on having that feeling! He even is starting to quit smoking and he decided that on his own haha we had no idea about it! The Gospel is making him want to better his life already and it is so awesome!! Then we went and did some GQing to finish the night haha nothing too crazy!
Friday- We had a good DTM. I trained on Closing the gap between us and Heavenly Father! It was fun to train on! Then we went and did some tracting! Elder Smith Smashed his head on the over hanging part of someones roof so that was fetching hilarious! Once again a lot of appointments fell through except for Robert and Nichola! We had a good Book of Mormon read with them! The Spirit was strong and we got to discern a lot of their concerns! Pretty good day!
Saturday- We went to Junior Amones footy (rugby) game! He is our investigators son! He is a beast and he killed it! Being there made me miss playing little league football back when I was actually good and had good knees hahaha! It was a good time though! Then when we got home we went and had a lesson with a less active member and it was way good! Then after that we jus GQ'd for the rest of the night and not much came from it haha!
Sunday- We had a good time at church! Classes went well and I learned a lot being there! The Ward here is pretty solid I like them haha. After church we had ward council and then we went home and had lunch. After lunch we went out to visit less actives and we were only able to see 2 of them haha so that was our whole Sunday! Pretty good and boring lol.
My spiritual thought for the week is is about courage! I have been reading a lot about Nephi lately and he is the man! He went and did whatever the Lord commanded him and he did so faithfully! I think we are all more like Laman and Lemuel than we would like to admit though. We all murmur at times and we go through times where we are sceptical and we whine and we are slow to do what is asked of us! But as we have courage and strive to be more like Nephi we will see greater blessings in our life! Love you guys and fear no man because the Lord is on your side!
-Elder Jenson

Kieren loves WWE, those are real belts


he Tina'os bought us groceries.. gotta love Samoans

HULK.. and the ward mission leaders son


Drinking on the job

at the rugby game

RIding the train

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