Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th mates

Hello Family and Friends! It has been a slow week due to sickness in the flat haha so sorry but this week isn't too exciting! Oh and happy 4th of July!! We sang Star Spangled banner this morning as a flat haha so that was awesome!

Monday- We had our usual P day activities, email and basketball! We played ball with the same kids as usual and we won again.. It was a lot of fun and we have become bros with the guys we play against so that is pretty fun haha! Then after ball Tala Tina'o took us to do go karting because he lost a bet he made with us, so we went and did that with him at the new indoor go kart track! Then after that we tried to go and visit a less active but she wasn't there! Then some members brought dinner by for us and we had a feast!

Tuesday- Elder Smith woke up feeling really sick and he got told to sleep and rest for the day by Sister Back. The only bad part was a family from one of his old areas which is 5 hours away from Dapto was coming that day and so it was too late to tell them not to come! So he had to grin and bare it as we went and had fish n chips with them by the beach. Then we went home and he rested for awhile. Then the same family took us to dinner just before they went back home that night. Then we went back to the flat for him to rest and go to bed haha so pretty average and boring day!

Wednesday- My turn to wake up and feel sick! Hahaha man the sickness spread around the flat this day and it was not good! I wasn't too bad but Elder Beazer had it pretty bad this day! Elder Smith and I still went out and did some work this day. We went and did some service that morning for the Macgregors! After we did that we shared a message with them and then we went and had some lunch! Then we went and saw sister Fisher who is in the nursing home! She is a funny old lady and she was happy to see us! After that we went to FHE at Sister Tyson's appartment complex meeting hall! It wasn't then best haha some of the people that go don't pay attention so that sucks but it was good still! Then after that we went and gave Kieran a blessing for his sickness and then we went home for the night and had dinner and went to bed and got some rest! 
Thursday- We took the train to Dapto so that we could do some service for a member but she wasn't there haha so then we went back home and had some lunch! Trains here only come every hour and her house was quite the walk from the station haha so that was fun! Then we went and saw a less active named Dan Lane! He is an archer so that was pretty cool! He was a solid guy and it was nice to get to know him! Then we went to the Quinton's house for some din din and they went all out for dessert! We had some awesome ice cream sundaes! Then we shared a lesson with them and went home after that!
Friday- Had a good DTM and I trained on Charity! It was good for me to train on that because I lack charity sometimes haha! Then we got some free Kebabs from a member who works in the mall! After that we went to Byron's house to teach him the first part of the Plan of Salvation! It went really good and I just love Byron he is the man! Then we went to Keiran's house for some dinner and a lesson! We had some good tacos! Then we went to Nicola and Robert's house for a lesson! We showed them the new Mormon message about depression and stuff by Elder Holland! It went so good and it was what they needed to hear! Nicola is an excommunicated member and is working on coming back and she is shooting to be baptized in a year from now! Her husband Robert is a non member but he is one of our most solid investigators! It is always good to get to know them more and teach them :)
Saturday- Elder Smith had one of his recent converts from Cowra come and visit him today and he wanted to get her a gift so we went and found that in the morning time. Then we went and had a massive burger that we split between us and the other Elders in our flat! It was awesome! Then we went and met up with Smith's recent convert and got to talk to her and her sister for awhile! Then we went and got some list of recent converts off the computer for the zone since Smith is the zone leader and then we went to maccas and had dinner and went home!
Sunday- We had a good Sunday! We got to teach the 11-12 year old primary class and it was a lot of fun actually hahaha! Robert and Nicola both came to sacrament so that was awesome! Then after church we went and did some Less active visits and got to see the Mackies! After them we went and saw Robert and Nicola because Nicola leaves out of town for a week and won't get to see Smith again before he goes home! After that we went and had dinner at the Porter's house and man it was the best! We were having some funny conversations and everyone was in tears from laughing so hard, multiple times that night hahaha so needless to say they are awesome and it was a good night!
My spiritual thought this week is on Charity! Charity is a lot like faith, it leads to action! If you truly love someone then it will lead to action! As we have Charity we begin to see others for what they can become instead of what they are! We must pray to have this kind of love because Charity never fails!! Love one another and be sincere in your relationships with everyone! The more we exercise Charity the more our capacity to love grows!
Elder Jenson


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