Monday, July 25, 2016

Bike riders

So this week was pretty busy and I will try to recall everything that happened :)
Monday- We had a 1/2 p day because we were having zone pday on Friday after ZTM! So we emailed and did our shopping. Then we went and did some Less active visits and we only made it into the Mackies home and we were able to give there daughter a blessing! It was cool how the Spirit led us to their house on the day when they really needed us! Then we had to drive to Wollongong to pick up some stuff from other missionaries and to swap cars and then we drove to Mittagong to spend the night at Elder Hunt's flat! We stayed the night because Elder Hunt and I had a ZL meeting the next day!
Tuesday- We drove to Mortdale for MLC (meeting with Pres. back, ZL's and STL's) We got to discuss about our zones and about some new rules for the mission! We are only listening to Motab from now on and I am stoked about that! It is going to help the mission be closer to Christ! So it was fun to see all the homies at MLC and catch up! I learned a lot about leadership and developing my faith! Then we drove back and had to jump start the sister's car because it was dead and then Elder Foa'i and myself drove back to Dapto!
Wednesday- Man this day was a complete struggle! We had MCM and then we switched cars back with the Wollongong Elders. Then after that we went to go and visit some LA's but once again everything fell through haha I was pretty discouraged and kinda pissed haha so we are trying to find new people to teach! Then that night we had splits with the ward and I went with Mills and Elder Foa'i to go and see an aboriginal member of the ward, Sister Sloan! She is so awesome and she basically taught us haha it was awesome!
Thursday- We had a better day this day! I felt sick in the morning but I took a nap during lunch and I felt better! Then we went and did some service which was awesome because my companion is a work horse so I hardly had to do anything haha! Then we went and taught Byron! He was doing really good and he said he has gotten answers to his prayers! We are hoping to set him on a baptismal date next time! Then we went to the Roach's house for dinner and a lesson. It was an awesome day!
Friday- We had ZTM and it was awesome! I gave my first training as a Zone leader! I trained on being a good example and being the first man over the wall! It was a good meeting and the other trainings were really good! Then we had zone p day! We went on a hike to a waterfall and a cool lookout. The hike we were planning on doing was closed when we got up there and we were like no way!! This sucks! hahaha so Elder Hunt and I ran around trying to find a back way to go where we wanted to go and we found some other good trails and hikes hahaha all in all it was a good day! Then that night we rode the bikes to Robert and Niclola's house and we taught them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ! It was a solid lesson and they loved it all! Then we biked home in the rain hahaha it was a lot of fun actually :)
Saturday- We are doing a new park and embark day on Saturdays where we don't use the cars so we can meet more people! We started the day with service for Robert and Nicola! Then we went and walked to get some lunch at the mall and we met some members from New Zealand. Then we went home and got the bikes and we went to the train. Then at the train station we met another member from Melbourne! Then we went and followed up on some potentials and we got into one house but the guy just bashed on us and then went off on a rant about conspiracy theories and what not hahaha Elder Foa'i and I were getting pretty heated so we just had to leave.. it sucked haha but we defended what we believed really well and we were bold! Then we went and did some tracting for a little bit! Then we went and had dinner with the Quinton family and read the Book of Mormon with them! Then we biked to the train station and we met a lady and gave her a Book of Mormon and she gave us her number so we can contact her! Blessings came from parking the car and embarking! It was freezing biking home that night hahaha but it was a good time! I love bikes :)
Sunday- We had church and I gave a talk in Sacrament meeting! I talked about Temple work and the blessings that come from it! Then after church we had ward council which was good! Then we went and had lunch and then went out and did 3 hours of tracting! We had no success hahaha but some people gave us water and not everyone was a total jerk so that was good! Then we went and did weekly planning finally and tried to visit some LA's but had no luck! Pretty good day!
My spiritual though this week is about Acting in Faith! We may not know the outcome of everything but we can know that if we trust in God and trust in the path that he has set for us, then we can know that all will be well! Faith is an action word so if you have faith in something it should lead you to act! If you have faith in Jesus Christ, it should lead you to follow him and keep his commandments! As we act our faith grows, simple as that! SO ACT!:)
Love you guys!
Elder Jenson

haircut time 

mmm maybe one day the fast food will catch up to him haha 
at the meetings

elder mills

what a view

Searchin for those boats


Zone P day hike

chasin waterfalls

view from the hike

another group pic

from p day and all the other pictures following this one...

They are bike riders now

Heres a video cam sent this week of him and his comp riding in the 42 degree weather... looks like fun if ya ask me haha

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