Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Quick update

Not too much time on the computer so here is a quick rundown!
Monday- All we did on P day was bum around the mall and email! Then that night we went to the Tina'os house for dinner and Family home evening! It was a good day and really relaxing! :)
Tuesday- We did a lot of finding! Tracting and talking to people on the streets! We rode our bikes all the way to Byron's house and man the hills were massive haha it was a tough ride but a lot of fun! We set him on baptismal date for August 27th! Then after that we rode to the train and went to Keiran's house for dinner and a lesson! It was a good day full of blessings!
Wednesday- We had MCM in the morning which went really well, then we went and did some service at a member's home! Another member from another ward is building a granny flat for her in her backyard so we got to help out with that! It was tough work haha! Then we went to the Tiananga's house for dinner before splits! We went and saw Byron with bro Tiananga and read Enos with him so that was really cool and it was good to get some fellowship!
Thursday- We had finding in the morning and then we went and did some weekly planning, and lunch! Then we went and did some service for Jared from the ward and we helped to plant some trees for him! Then we went and took the train/bus to dinner at Sisters Tyson and Zimmerman's community hall at their apartment facility! After we had dinner there we went and took the train and bus back to our car and the brother Tina'o called us and said that he had extra food for us to take home so we went by to get it and he told us to sit down and have a feed and then he would pack it up for us to take home hahaha he didn't know we had already eaten and we didn't want to be rude so we sat down and he dished us up a mountain of food and Elder Foa'i and I just laughed and we ate as much as we could! I was so stuffed before we got there and after we left I was about to die hahahaha it was a funny experience!
Friday- We had a goo DTM in the morning, followed by interviews with President and Sister Back! Things went really good though and I just love them! Interviews are so laid back and chill with them I love it! They bought us all pizza too so that was awesome! Then we went and had a lesson with the Souris Family and we got to be apart of their Cat's funeral hahaha! Then we went to have dinner with the Leggets and that went really well also! Then we went to see Nicola and Robert and we had a good lesson about Christ!
Saturday- We did tradeoffs so I was with Elder Beazer! We went and gave 3 blessings to some members in the morning and then after that we went and did some service at the Sa's house! They fed us lunch and it was great! Then we went home and changed and then we took the bus to the mall and we talked to people outside the front doors. Then we went and did some tracting until we had our dinner appointment! Then we took the bus to our dinner appointment and we had dinner with the Fangapo's! They are awesome and the dinner was spot on! Then Brother Fangapo gave us a ride home so that was nice!
Sunday- Byron came to church!! It was so awesome to have him there and he was so stoked about it all! He only stayed for sacrament but he got to meet a lot of people, including bishop and he just loved it all! After church we had Soup sunday, so everyone brought soup and we just had a nice munch and mingle after church! Then we went and did some finding! Elder Foa'i and I have been doing magic tricks for people at their doorstep or on the streets while we find and it is so awesome haha it really breaks the ice with them! We went and saw the Mackies and also a lady named Cherry during the night! Then on the way home my comp was prompted to talk to this lady at the train station so we went and did some card tricks for her and then we talked about the Book of Mormon with her and she accepted a copy and so hopefully something will come from that when we contact her later in the week! Really awesome experience! :)
I just want you all to know that I know this Church is true! Jesus Christ is indeed our Savior and he loves us all so much! God is our loving Heavenly Father and he weeps with us when we mourn and he rejoices with us when we do what is right! I know they both live and that through the Gospel we can find true lasting peace in this life! Love you all!
Elder Jenson

getting ready to head out for the day

ridin the train

Haka faces

who ya gonna call?? GHOST BUSTERS 

.... so freakin cute hair style

cam and elder beazer from draper

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