Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Keep the commandments

Monday- We had a pretty boring p day! We just emailed and did shopping and then just chilled at the flat because the weather was bad and we were all pretty tired haha! Then we went and visited Wilma Cox who is an old less active lady haha she was nice but has no desire to come to church!
Tuesday- What a boring day this was haha we had MCM in the morning which was solid! Then we went to the doctors for my comp's wrist which never healed from when he broke it and we got it checked and had an x ray and ultrasound done to it and that took like 3-4 hours to wait for all that because health care is free here so people just go to the doctors for every little reason haha so its always so busy! Then after that we just did finding for the rest of the day and the Tina'os brought some dinner by for us so that was great!
Wednesday-We did some door knocking in the morning in the rain then we went to the doctors to see the results of the x ray but we had to come back again later so we went and got lunch and then we went back and got the results! His wrist isn't connected to one part of his hand so we are sending the x rays to the mission office and they will have an orthopaedic surgeon look at it! Then we went to FHE at sister Tyson's place and it was good! Then we went and had splits with the ward and I went with bro Tiananga and we went and visited sister Knowles!
Thursday- We started the day off with some tracting in the rain again and we had no luck! Then we went and did some service for Jared Bishop and it was great! After that we went and visited sister Fisher in the old folks home and she got emotional when she said the prayer before we left and she was so grateful we came by, which made me feel so good that we went and saw her. Then we went and did our weekly planning and after that we went and got dinner from the mall!
Friday- We had DTM in the morning and it was a good training and its always good to see other missionaries like my main man Elder Hunt! After DTM we went and did some tracting and we had a little bit of success but not much! After that we went and taught Byron more about the Restoration and it was solid! He is making great progress! Then we went to the Johnstones house for dinner and a lesson. After that we went to Robert and Nicola's house to have a lesson about the Book of Mormon and it was awesome! I love testifying of the Book of Mormon, it is so dang true!!!
Saturday- I was on tradeoffs with Elder Densley who is Elder Beazer's companion. It was pretty good haha all we did was tract all freakin day and we got to teach one less active member who is starting to come back to church and he is awesome! then we also got to teach an activish family to end the night! The Tinaos brought by some dinner for us again this night and it was much needed haha!
Sunday- Byron came to church again and he stayed for sacrament and gospel principles which was so awesome!! He loved it and he is getting to know a lot of people at church which is great! After church we went straight to knocking doors which was a joy hahaha not really but oh well :) Then we went to a little farewell party for a sister serving in this area who finishes her mission this week! Then we visited less actives to end the night and they were all sick so we had no luck hahaha! Then the Tianangas made us some dinner so we went by and had dinner with them and took some food home for the other elders! Thank goodness for them and the Tinaos for always feeding us missionaries!
I just want to talk about keeping the commandments! We simply do it out of our love for God and for our appreciation for Jesus Christ and his Atonement! We don't need to get discouraged if we mess up or if we keep making the same mistakes because as long as we keep putting in effort to do better the Lord will be pleased! Jesus Christ's grace enables us to move forward and become stronger! He is helping us every step of the way and his grace is available to us right now! Because of His grace, we always have hope and we never need to give up, because he never gives up on us! :)
Elder Jenson

District training meeting

Elder Soa and Elder Hunt

Some of the gang

Elder Hunt

Nice helmet...oh and what a cute goat

Dominos in Aussie land

more of the gang 

Only the cutest picture EVER

"When da FUH did we get ice cream"

Lava lava's... cam is such a good Samoan 

practicing for the haka. Can't wear the Lava Lava's on the mish but elder Soa gave him one to take home.. 

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