Tuesday, July 19, 2016

byeeeee elder smith

wow the transfer is over and Elder Smith is flying home to America as we speak!! Man I am going to miss that guy! He has helped me so much and I am so grateful I got to serve with him! My new companion is Elder Foai (foe-ah-ee) and he is from Samoa! He is such a funny guy and really easy going! He is still learning English but he is doing really well at it! I also got released as a district leader and got called to be a Zone Leader! Pretty excited to serve as a Zone Leader! Well here is my last week!
Monday- We went and played some ball after emailing with the Elders from Mittagong! It was pretty good but it wasn't as fun as it normally is because the people we usually play against weren't there so it was an average day of ball! Then we went to the Tina'o's house for dinner and FHE! It was a lot of fun and they are a great family! We had all the elders in our flat this night because we had a big conference the next day in Mortdale!
Tuesday- We had to take the train up to Mortdale with all the other Elders and sisters in our zone and it was a lot of fun! I don't think people knew what to do with that many Mormon missionaries on the train hahaha so we divided and conquered and just talked to a lot of people so that was a lot of fun haha! Then we had a mission conference about mental health and also about finding so that was pretty cool! An area authority and his wife came and gave a presentation so that was sweet! Then after that long conference we got back on the train and headed home! We talked to a lot of people again and I think people on the trains were getting sick of us, but who cares haha!
Wednesday- We had MCM in the morning at the chapel! After that we went and did some tracting for awhile and jus did finding! Then we went to the Tiananga's that night for dinner and after that we went to the chapel for splits but no one came for it, so we just crashed mutual and played crab soccer with all the young men and women haha so that was a lot of fun!
Thursday- Our ward mission leader shouted us some new haircuts since smith was going home so we got those in the morning and then had some lunch after! Then we went and visited the Mackie family and got to see how they were doing! Then we had to make a long trek out to the Roach family's house and it was awesome there! They own 100 acres of land where they live and it is so awesome there! We got to have dinner with them and get to know them better too! It was a good night there and I love that family!
Friday- We had no DTM because of the conference earlier in the week at Mortdale! So we went out and did some tracting and we got to teach a lady on her door step so that was pretty awesome! Then we went and got lunch with Aaron Mills, also known as Elder Mills haha he went home early due to sickness but now he lives in Dapto area! So he took us to lunch and then we took him to our appointment with Patricia! She is a lady we met when we were ordering food from her place she worked at! She is from Peru and she said that her mom is a member and she wanted us to come by and teach her! Mills speaks Spanish so that helped us a lot in the lesson too! We taught her the Restoration and it went well! We will teach her one more time and then pass her over to the Wollongong Elders because she is in their area haha! Then after that we had dinner with Robert and he made us a great roast lamb with veggies! I was so stuffed after it! Then we shared the Mormon message titled "Sanctify Yourselves" It went really good and he is progressing well!
Saturday- We went and did service in the morning for the McColl family! Then we went and had breakfast at the same place we had the massive burger and the owner made us American pancakes with maple syrup and a really good breakfast casserole! Then after that we had to go pick up a new fridge for the flat that the Mackies gave us! Then we came home and deep cleaned the flat! After that we got some dinner and then called it a night!
Sunday- Man what a day it was! We got to see the Kendrick's and Leihr's from Sutherland! They came down after church to see Elder Smith and me! We got to have a BBQ with them and also play some kickball just like old times! It was good to see them and I love those families! Then after that we went to a farewell party that Sister Tyson from the ward threw for all the missionaries that were leaving! Then after that we got all the transfer details and called all the missionaries that were leaving and got the details out!
Monday- Transfer day! We had to drive to Mortdale to drop off Elder Smith! We said see ya later and it was tough but we will see each other again in a year haha! Then I got Elder Foai and another Elder and drove back to Dapto! Then we went and got some lunch and then visited some less actives! We got to give a less active member a blessing after we taught her and that was pretty awesome! Then we went out to the Roach's house again for dinner! Then after that we had to drive back to Mortdale because Elder Smith left one of his bags in the car (no we did not plan that haha) So we stayed the night at the AP's flat and I got to see Smith one last time before he left for the airport this morning!
Things are good here and I am grateful to be a missionary! I know that all I gotta do is work hard and continue to do what my Father in Heaven would have me to do and I will be successful in His eyes! I just love this Gospel and I love being able to live it to the fullest every day! I know this great work is true and that this Church is the only true church on the Earth today! I love you guys and miss you tons! Have a good week!
Elder Jenson :)


new comp Elder Foai

reunited and it feels so good

flat mates

mission pres

elder boden and smith

he got his package

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