Friday, June 3, 2016

transfer time for the dingo

I got transferred and I am now in Dapto ward! It is in the south coast so I am still by the ocean haha which is sick! Even better is that my new comp isn't actually new at all! Its Elder Smith! My trainer and my brotha from anotha motha! We are stoked to kill it together and work hard! :)
Monday- We went and bowled to see who was the champ out of Elder Laga'aia and myself and..... he won.... I was devastated hahaha! He beat me fair and square though! After that we went to Josh's house and we went on a hike with his family and him! We parked one car at the top and one at the bottom of the track and the plan was for us to drive Josh back up to his car then he would drive back down to get his family. Well silly old me left our keys in his car hahaha so we had to walk back up the track in the dark to get to his car so that we could get our keys so that was pretty funny :) Then we had dinner and a lesson with them which was solid!

Tuesday- We did some service at Mandeni and got golf balls out of the lake with a massive net! Then after that we went to Debbies and did some service for her before dinner! They made LAga'aia and I a massive breky (Breakfast) dinner! It was so dang good! So that was just a day of service! 

Wednesday- Went to the FHC and man no one showed up this week! Kylie did though so we taught her and did family history with her and some indexing! After that we went and did some more service for Debbie. Then we went to Bega to teach the Walker kids and that went really good! After that we went out to the far land of Wyndham to teach Rob! We taught him about the commandments and he committed to live them all! It was a good lesson and the spirit was there for sure! 

Thursday- We went out to Wyndham again to help Norma and Maurice for the day! We had a delicious lunch that was lamb chops from a lamb that had just gotten killed and cut up by the butcher just a week ago so it was nice and fresh meat! After lunch we helped them out with some stuff on their computer and family history stuff. Then we got to play some rumiking with them while the rain was going and after the rain stopped we went out and cleaned the pool for the baptism on Saturday! For evening tea (what they call dinner here) we had a traditional english pork pie! It was really good! Look it up! After that we went to Kylie and Rob's house to teach Rob the final lesson and to go over the baptismal interview questions with him! It was all really good! He is so humble and sincere and I just love him and Kylie! I can't wait till next year when they can get sealed in the temple and I can go to it!
Friday- We called into DTM and after that had a nice 12 dollar steak at the bowling club! Then we went and deep cleaned the flat and I started to pack all my stuff! After that I got a haircut from Cymonn for the baptism. Then we went to the chapel for Rob's baptismal interview which went solid!
Saturday- It was dunking day! It was 6 degrees Celsius outside and the pool water was about 0 hahaha so it was freezing! I baptized Rob and it went so good! He was so happy and just stoked to be there doing that! He really knew what he was doing was the right thing and you could see it in his actions and emotions! After the baptism we went to help Mitch and Hannah move to there new house! After that we went to Josh's house to have dinner with his family!
Sunday- I confirmed Rob a member of the Church and it went really good! Then after sacrament though he tweaked his back and had a seizure type thing and it was really scary! We called the ambulance and they took him to the hospital but he was in good spirits as he left! After church we loaded the car up and said our see ya laters to some members and other friends we made! On the way out of Merimbula we went to the hospital to see Rob. He was doing really good and in awesome spirits! He felt bad for ruining our last Sunday in the branch but we let him know he didn't ruin anything we are just glad he is doing good:) Then we drove to my new area in Dapto and stayed the night there at my new flat!
Monday- We dropped off my comps to get picked up and taken to their new areas. My new comp is my trainer Elder Smith! This is his last transfer so I get to kill him off! It has already been so great being comps with him again, we are like the same person and best friends so man it is awesome haha! After we dropped off my two old comps we went and gave a sister in the Ward a blessing and shared a message. Then we went to another members home and met with them and shared a message as well. After that we went to meet the bishop and what not which went really good! I love the area already and the members I have met are so solid and I look forward to serving here :)
My spiritual thought is about having good thoughts! Alma 37:36 "Yea, and cry‍ unto God for all thy support; yea, let all thydoings‍ be unto the Lord, and whithersoever thou goest let it be in the Lord; yea, let all thy thoughts‍ be directed unto the Lord;yea, let the affections of thy heart be placed upon the Lord forever." We need to keep Him in our hearts and our minds so that we can be directed for good :) Love you guys have a good week!
-Elder Jenson
whats different about this picture? OHHH Elder Smith joined.

goodbye gansta

The final picture

ITS ELDER SMITH...and two other boys... 

Mitch and Hannah

The Wlakers

The Shoobridges

Ben and Cymonn

Sam and Mandy

Its Tom.

Check out that form... pro

Just so you know.... Cam lost.


poor loser

This is Cam in 5 years.. except Bekah will be in the picture with him..

Norma and Bruce Wright. And their dog.

Look at his cute comp in the background just smiling haha

Its a wombat

hes super happy about the wombat


look at that cell phone..

The trio with Rob

Rob's baptism

Probably wasn't super cold...

Mark and Debbie Parker

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