Sunday, May 22, 2016

A week of tender mercies

Man it has been a week of miracles and tender mercies from the Lord! 

Monday- We went golfing after emailing and shopping! It was a lot of fun and the guy that owns the place let us golf for free, because we did service for him in the past! After that we went to the Shoobridges for dinner and a lesson! It was a great night as usual and it was also Alex's birthday so we got to celebrate with them! 

Tuesday- We had a flat inspection from the senior couple in Narooma! They are the Babbels and they are from AF Utah! Elder Babbel is Sister Backs brother so that is pretty cool haha! They took us out to lunch after that and it was fun to get to know them! After that we went to Debbie's house to do some service and to have dinner! We got a lot of service done which was good and we had home made pizzas for dinner that were absolutely delicious! Probably not as good as the ones Bekah is having in Italy haha!

Wednesday- We helped at the FHC as usual and man it was busy! We had all the computers full and it was awesome! We got to have a lesson as Kylie as well and we set up an appointment to teach her husband later in the week which was awesome! After that we went to Bega to teach the Walker family and we had a really good lesson on faith with them! After that it was a little to late to go to game night so we just went home and had dinner!

Thursday- A full day of service at the Shoobridge's house! We got a lot done and we got to stay for dinner which was awesome haha! We moved bricks for them, moved stuff from the shed down to the bottom of the yard, and cleaned up around the shed and got the place ready for concreting which was happening on Saturday!

Friday- Man what a day this was haha! We called into DTM and then after that we figured we would go around and offer service to a few places and families. All the places we went to fell through so we didn't do any service haha! We went home and got ready and decided to tract! We came across a guy unloading scaffolding so we offered to help! The guy said he didn't have enough insurance to cover us so he declined our help. One of the guys that was helping was the neighbor and he told us to go and talk to his wife she would love to talk to us! So we went and talked to her and she is a lady who loves studying religions so we talked to her for a little and we scheduled a return appointment with her for the following week so that was a miracle! Then we went to teach Kylie's husband Rob. We had dinner with them and then taught him the Restoration and invited him to be baptised! He said yes! We set him on date for June 4th which was the week after transfers so Elder Laga'aia and I wouldn't be here for it but we didn't care we were just stoked he committed to it! So there was another miracle! We were getting pumped in the car haha I felt like so pumped just like before football games when you do the pre game chants haha! 

Saturday- We had a full day of service! We did concreting at the Shoobridges and then after that we went and helped one of Josh's friends move! We were helping him move for most of the day and he was an awesome guy and really easy to get along with! After we helped him we went and got all cleaned up and went to Sam and Mandy's house for dinner! We had sloppy joes and then we read some scriptures with their kids!

Sunday- Elder Laga'aia and I got to give talks in sacrament! He gave a talk on the priesthood and I gave one on Elder Renlunds last general conference talk. It went really solid and it was fun to get to give a talk finally in the branch! I don't know why but I love giving talks especially when I get such good topics to talk on! So after sacrament meeting Kylie and Rob called me over to where they were and they talked about if it would be possible for us to move Rob's baptism up a week so that Elder Laga'aia and I could be there for it! We told them heck yeah we can do that! We told them we would just have to teach him the rest of the lessons that week! Then Rob asked me to be the one to baptise him! I of course told him that I would be honored! So then we taught him the Plan of Salvation and tied the Gospel of Jesus Christ into it and it was solid! The Spirit was so strong and it was just an incredible lesson! That was another miracle for us! Rob received his witness and he didn't want to wait any longer to be baptised! After church we went and did our normal sacrament visits and we went to the Parker's house for dinner since its the last full Sunday Elder Laga'aia and I will be here! It was awesome and I really love that whole family! 

My spiritual thought this week is found in Ether 12:6  And now, I, Moroni, woulspeak somewhat concerning these things; would show unto the world that faith is things which are hoped for and not seen; wherefore,dispute not because ye see not, for ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith.

To receive a witness after the trial of our faith doesn't always mean that it comes in forms of adversity or trials, but it means that sometimes we just need to act on our faith and put it to work so that we can receive that witness! Stay strong and keep taking leaps of faith because the Lord will work wonders through us as we do that! 

Elder Jenson :) 

Would ya look at that JOEY!! (baby kangaroo for those of you who didn't know)

man.. boy got GAME!


Look at those eyes... 

I wish I lived with a professional chef...

What up playaaaa

Beaching it up

Looks like his papa

Lookin' hella dope bon fresh

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