Tuesday, May 3, 2016

5K runnin'

Now behold it came to pass that the days had passed and now it was a time to account for what had been done. The servants did labor with their might and did find joy in the service which they rendered. Now I will tell you the story of my people and the records of their dealings with the inhabitants of Merimbula. 

Lol just a little scripture intro for yous! 😂

Tuesday- We had P day and I went crazy on buying stuff lol. We went to the D.I. and I bought a new suit and a denim button up shirt haha so I look fly! Then we went to the Parkers for dinner that night and it was a lot of fun as usual! Mitch (Hannah's husband) Gave me a pair of his old steel toed work boots and I was so stoked about that! All around a great day!

Wednesday- We went to the Family History center to teach Kylie and we showed her the On the Lord's Errand movie about Thomas S. Monson so she could get to know our prophet a little better! Then we did some indexing and had lunch with Norman, and her husband at the Family History Center! After that we drove down to the far away land of Eden and we visited the Weymouths, a less active family! It went really well and we got invited back for lunch! Then after that we went home and made some bomb dinner, Elder Plata let me be his soux chef for this meal and it turned out way good! Then we went to game night and Elder Plata and I got to play Star wars X wing with him and like 5 other guys so that was a lot of fun and a good way to meet people! Elder Laga'aia did good at being his happy self and talking to everyone!
Thursday- We drove up to Canberra for ZTM and when we got there we went and checked out the Australian war memorial  museum and it was so sick!! I loved it a lot and I want to go back again before I leave haha! Then we went to the Belconnen flat and made dinner for the whole flat and stayed the night there! 

Friday- We had ZTM and it went really good! Elder Yardley is one of my zone leaders and it is really cool to see how much he has grown from the beginning of the mission and to see the missionary he has become! Then we went to Costco for some lunch and I got a piece of pizza, a hot dog, and a waffle cone. Then I got a piece of pizza for the road too haha just because I miss costco pizza so much! Then we drove home from Canberra and then we stopped at the hospital in Bega to visit Coco who was having troubles with her leg, but she is doing good and is out of the hospital now! 

Saturday- We ran a 5k with Sam and Mandy Parker! I finished in 28 minutes hahaha I am out of shape!! Then we went back to their house and we had breakfast and we did some service for them! After service for them we went and did more service out in Wyndham to cut up some wood and load it into a trailer! We had  5 guys on chainsaws and my comps and I loaded all the wood and I got to use a wood splitter to split some of it! Then we went home and made a big dinner because we were starving haha and then we went to bed. My back and legs were so sore at the end of the day hahaha! 

Sunday- We had the baby blessing of one of the Parker kid's new born baby! There were a lot of non members and so it was awesome to get to bare my testimony during fast and testimony meeting to all of them! After church we went to take the sacrament to the Smiths and we shared a message with them! Then after that we went to see Jilly the lady who we met tracting that has cancer and she kinda snobbed us. She told us that she was busy and didn't give us the time of day. We are hoping that she just didn't recognize us or something so we are going to try again next week! So after that disappointment we went to Bega to take the sacrament to the two Elderly ladies and they just make my day! One of them told me that I have gotten taller and she asked if I have noticed haha she is so sweet :) Then after that we went home and broke our fast with a feast of all feasts hahaha good thing I am working out or I would be fatter than I already am from all the food we eat lol. 

So my spiritual message this week comes from last general conference from Elder Holland's talk. He talked about how we get credit for trying to do better and to keep the commandments. All we have to do is keep trying and work hard to do our best and the Lord will be proud of us and he will give us credit! We just need to keep smiling, trying, and loving because Heaven is cheering us on! So keep trying everyone! That is all we can do!  😀

Elder Jenson

The Garden of Eden... its been in Australia all this time.

holla at yo boy

boots a member gave him.... brand new practically.

I wanna go there

he needs a selfie stick... who wants to send him one?

spittin' image

war memorial

helicopter flyin

inside the plane

who recognizes this dude? elder yardley and his comp

elder yardley again

LETTERS... sweet as candy. he finally got them

lucky boy

HE is your father.

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