Monday, May 16, 2016

They bought onsies

So this week was pretty good for us here in the beautiful town of Merimbula! We also had the privilege of being interviewed by President and Sister Back which was awesome! Well I will dive right into my weekly recap.

Tuesday- We had a fun time going bowling as a companionship! Elder Laga'aia beat us in the first game, and me being the sore loser that I am had to pay for another game so that I could beat him, and I did hahaha! I was a little rusty the first game but I figured it out! I need my own ball and shoes from home ;) After that we went to Debbie and Mark's house to have dinner! Elder Plata made dinner for everyone and he made a Filipino dish called Adobo! It was delicious! Then we shared a message about mothers and the power that they play in children's lives! 

Wednesday- We came to the FHC and we taught Kylie about the Tree of Life! We were able to break it down for her and she loved it! It was an awesome lesson! Then after that we did some indexing and we also helped out with any troubles that people had on the computers! Then after that we went and did some tracting and as a mission for the week we were using family history for our approach and it went really good for us! People are a lot more open to talk about family history and less hostile hahaha! After tracting we went home and made some homemade lasagna! It was pretty dang good if I say so myself! Then we went to game night and spent the rest of the night there!

Thursday- We went and got my comps haircuts by Cymmon Parker so that they could be ready for interviews the next day! After that we went and did some service at Potaroo Palace and raked a bunch of leaves! Then after that we went to the Smith's house and split a bunch of wood for them that we helped cut up a couple weeks before! After that we went home and had some dinner and called it a night!

Friday- We had to drive up to Narooma in the morning for interviews! We got to have breakfast with Pres. and Sister Back, the senior couple in Narooma, and the sisters serving in Narooma! After Breakfast we got interviewed and my interviews went great! President straight up told me that I will be leaving Merimbula after this transfer so now I know! I had some good talks with him and Sister Back and I am so grateful to have them as my mission president and mission president's wife! After interviews we went back home and did some service for Cymmon. We moved some big granite rocks for her. After that we went to Mandeni to help set up one of their fences that had been blown down! We had to pound in some metal stakes and drill them into the wooden poles to stand it back up. After that we had a late lunch and then we went to Josh and Naomi's to help them move some stuff and they invited us to stay for dinner so that was a good time with them! 

Saturday- We got up and went and had breakfast at the Parker's home with Mitch, Hannah, and their friend that was in town! After breakfast we went to their new house that is being built and stacked firewood and split some as well! After we did that we helped them with a big burn pile from all the tree trimmings  and stuff from their landscaping business. After that we went and helped Josh and Naomi to get some spots ready for concreting! After we did that we went home and got all showered so we could go to this music night that the Parkers were going to play at! It was out in the country and it was a blackboard night where anyone can write their name on the board and come up and play some music! The Parkers did so good! They are all so musically talented! It was a good finding opportunity for us and it got us exposed to some people we have never met! 

Sunday- We had church that went really good! We got to teach primary so that was so awesome! I love the answers little kids come up with! Then after church we did all the sacrament visits that we needed to do and we had some lunch! After sacrament visits we went to Mark and Debbie's house for  Sunday night dinner! We got invited because they were celebrating Mark and Alex's birthdays! It was a lot of fun getting to go to that! The Parker family is so awesome and I love being around them! 

My spiritual thought for this week is from the vision that the Prophet Lehi had about the Tree of Life and it says,  "And it came to pass that beheld others pressing forward, and they came forth and caught hold of the end of the rod of iron; and they did press forward through the mist of darkness, clinging to the rod of iron, even until they did come forth and partake of the fruit of the tree."

Later we learn that the Iron Rod is the word of God. As we cling on to the scriptures and the teachings of modern day Prophets and Apostles we are able to push forward on the straight and narrow path and we are able to withstand the temptations that come our way. As we do this we will be happier and we will have the greatest gift of all, eternal life! 

Love you all have a wonderful week!
-Elder Jenson

Cam and coco mad chillin'

They bought onsies...

.... something weird is going on 

dinner time


Cute little koala bear

feeding the kangaroos.


Selfie wit G

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