Tuesday, April 26, 2016

week full of service

G'day everyone! Hope you are all doing good! I am doing solid and I have had a good week here! Here is the update!

Tuesday- We had P day and just did the usual stuff. We went to a beach and just admired the view for a little after all the normal activities and then we went to the Shoobridge's house! Josh made us a good shepherds pie and then we shared a message with him and the two boys because the girls were gone for the night! 

Wednesday- We went to the Family History Center for a little bit and did some indexing! After that we went to Debbie's house to do some service for her! We dug up some grass and levelled the ground out to be ready for concreting! Before we did the service though we went with them to the wharf and fished with some of the Parker family! We got to talk to a lot of people there and interact so that was fun! Then we had dinner at their house and shared a message! 

Thursday- A lady that lives next door came running over to our flat and asked us to get a live rat out of her house so we went over and tried to catch it. After a lot of failed attempts to catch it, I bashed it with a broom and killed it, all while I was still brushing my teeth haha! Then we went to the Shoobridges house to help them set up a home made obstacle course! I drilled all the holes into the ground for the poles to go into and we cemented the poles in. We worked on this for about 8 hours with them and then we stayed and had dinner with them! That was our day haha! 

Friday- We called into DTM and then after that we went to Ben and Cymmon's house to help drill some holes for their fence they were putting up to keep the roos out! Then we went to Debbie's house and helped to rake leaves and dig up more grass! After that we went home for dinner and called it a night! 

Saturday- Ah man this day was full on! We helped Hannah and Mitch with a burn pile at 8 and helped them with that until10:30 and then we went and helped Tom and Robbie move some wood/trees! Then after that a senior couple from Canberra came down to inspect our flat and bring us some supplies we needed. Then they took us out to a really nice Italian place for lunch and the waiter was from Milan so those who know my life will understand why that was pretty cool for me hahaha! After that we went back to help Tom and Robbie. Then we went to Sam and Mandy's house to help them with some service at their house as well! Then we had dinner with them and shared a message with them! I slept great this night! 

Sunday- We had normal church and then we took the Sacrament to an elderly couple. After that we had lunch and then we went to take the Sacrament to the two ladies in Bega! After that we came home and Elder Plata made us the best home made chicken wings ever!! They were so bomb like wow!! Good solid Sabbath day! 

Monday- We went and did some more service at Debbies. We dug up the rest of the grass and then we helped unload it at Ben and Cymmon's house! After that Debbie made us lunch and we helped out with some more things around her yard and house! After that we went fishing with them again and it was a lot of fun! I had to set up my comps poles and then I had to reset Elder Laga'aia's pole a couple more times hahaha it helped prepare me to be ready for when I take my future kids fishing hahaha! I didn't catch anything but my comps both caught some and so that was cool for them! Then we went to the Shoobridge's house for dinner and a lesson! It was a solid day!

My spiritual thought today is an analogy. When we go fishing we will rig up our poles in many different ways with a lot of different bate to see what the fish are biting on. This is how Satan works with is as well. He tries everything he can and pulls out all the tricks and different baits that he can to get us to make the wrong choice but we must stay strong and resist these temptations.The prophet Mormon taught us a great principle to remember, But behold, that which is of God inviteth and enticeth to do good continually; wherefore, every thing which inviteth and enticeth to do good, and to love God, and to serve him, is inspired of God.

Good thoughts and feelings are from God, so act on them and not the temptations from Satan! 

Have a good week! 
-Elder Jenson

Looks like he's doing a lot of work (eye roll)

.... always at the beach.. such a bum

looks like somebody got a selfie stick.... 

selfie game on point

Dom's clown fish

they built an obstacle course.. Cam calls it "log world"


Dinner is served.. mmm gimme it

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