Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Well the long transfer is finally over!! I am staying in Merimbula with Elder Laga'aia and our new comp Elder Plata! He is from the Philippines and he is a professional chef, SCORE! He is way awesome and I think we are going to all have a good transfer together! 

Monday- We went and played squash with the Shoobridges and it was so much fun! I got killed by Naomi and Josh! Naomi is pregnant too and she still destroyed me haha! Squash is a lot like racquet ball just with a smaller ball and racquet! I had a lot of fun though and I got better as the day went on haha! Then we went on a hike with them and some more of the Parker family! It was really fun with everyone there! After that we went back to the Shoobridge's home for dinner and a lesson! Sam and Mandy came over too with their kids because they are their visiting teachers and so Sam gave the lesson it was awesome! 

Tuesday- We had a full day of service for Debbie Parker! We went over there really early in the day and we dug up some dirt for her, burned more stuff, and we destroyed one of the old bird cages! That part was a lot of fun! Then they made us the biggest breakfast dinner I have ever had!!! IT was so good! I felt like I needed to roll myself out of there after that! Then we shared Moroni 7:16-17 it was really good! Pretty basic day haha!

Wednesday- We went to the Family history center to do some indexing and to see Norma Wright who is the family history consultant! We talked with her and her husband and one of their friends that were there so that was good! Indexing is a lot of fun too haha it was the first time I have done it! Go try it out! Then we went to game night that night and we got to see Tom and Ian and more people that were there! We watched Josh get beaten  by a 5 year old in the game he was playing so that was pretty funny haha!

Thursday- We had another day full of service! We went to Norma and Maurice Wright's house to help them with some stuff around their yard! We got there at 10 and stayed there all day helping! We trimmed bushes and helped to split some wood! Norma and Maurice are originally from England and she makes the best food ever!! She made us Breakfast, lunch and dinner haha it was so awesome! They have a friend over that just got back from the states and he showed us pics from when he was in Utah and one was from on the freeway right by boondocks in Draper! It was right by the old exit that you take to get to my grandparents house so that was awesome to see haha man I miss Utah! Then he showed us all the other photos he takes because he is a photographer! He is a non member so it was good to be able to plant some seeds with him! It was a fun overall day out in the bush doing yard work haha!

Friday- We had to call in for DTM and that went well! Then we went to Sam and Mandy Parker's house to do some service for them and then we stayed there for dinner with them and the Shoobridges! Mandy made some delicious Chicken Enchiladas! Then we had a lesson with them and it was good! 

Saturday- We got to go play squash in the morning with the Shoobridges and that was way fun! Then we went to Emmets Birthday party at the park and that was a ton of fun! We got to talk to a lady from another faith and it was a good chat about our religions we are apart of! Then after that we had to deep clean the flat! After we deep cleaned that we got permission from president to go to a trivia night thing with the Shoobridges! It was at a pub so you can just imagine all the heads that turned when we walked in with our white shirts and ties on hahaha it was so funny! We got to talk to a lot of people and most of them were drunk but the Shoobridges friend that was on our team for the trivia night is a non member and she asked a lot of questions about our faith so that was the best thing about the whole night! We didn't win the trivia night... we lost to a bunch of drunk people lol!

Sunday- We went to church and then we drove straight to Canberra for Transfers! We drove the 3 hours then we got to go to the Clarks house for dinner! they are a senior couple from Arizona! The food was delicious!! Then we went to the Belconnen flat to stay the night and I got to see my boy Elder Yardley so that was fetching awesome! It was good to see other missionaries haha we have been isolated for so long!

Monday- We went to an investigators home gym in the morning to work out which was way sick! Then we went to the flat and got ready. I had Elder Yardley touch up my hair and fix it a little haha! Then we went to the chapel to get our new comps! We got Elder Plata and then we went to lunch with all the Elders leaving Canberra before they drove up to Sydney and us down to Merimbula! We drove home and when we got back we went to the Shoobridges house for FHE! It was way fun but we were a little worn out from driving for some reason haha! 

My spiritual thought for the week comes from John 15:12 This is my commandmentThat ye love one another, as have loved you.

Love our neighbors like our savior loves us! We will be happy as we extend love to others and being happy is pretty great :) Love you all!

-Elder Jenson

Something borrowed, something new, and something blue... look at that tongue... Wonder what he ate?

The kiddos 

The walk to the beach... doesn't look THAT scary


Sunrise is pretty cool at the beach

isn't that the cutest closed mouth smile you've ever seen?

so hard... all the time.

all smiles

Sunrise... not that pretty

He's got the whole worl....SUN in his hand...

Yardley is pretty fancy.. look at the matching jacket and tie.. Whistle whistle

Out with the old

In with the new... the chef. Maybe he will teach Cam a thing or two about how to cook...

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