Monday, April 11, 2016

Kangaroo curry

Man so the transfer is almost over haha this has been a long and a fast 10 weeks.. hard to explain but its how time goes on the mission! We have had a pretty good week! Here is the recap!

Monday- We went golfing again for our P day! We golfed 9 holes at a course in our area! I beat my comps but it isn't that impressive because they both struggled haha I did too but it was a lot of fun! Elder Cherrington drilled a kangaroo in the chest when he drove the ball haha it was so funny! It was a massive male kangaroo and it didn't even flinch when it hit him! Then he just hopped off like nothing happened haha! Then we went on a nice bush walk with Josh and his family again and we saw another beautiful part of our area! After that we went to their house for dinner and we helped the kids to teach their parents about the Restoration! It was a lot of fun!

Tuesday- We went to work on the shed at Josh's house because we wanted to finish it by this Friday! We got one side of the roof put up and it was a long process! My shoulders were dead from drilling in screws! Then after we did that we went home and showered then we headed to Ben and Cymmon's for some dinner! She made us kangaroo curry! It was my first time to have Kangaroo on the mission and it was so good! It tastes like beef haha but it was weird to think that I was eating kangaroo:) Then we played some games with the kids and we shared a message with them! 

Wednesday- We went to go and help out on Josh's shed again. Then we got a call while we were there from Tom to see if we could go and help out to remove some trees! So we went to go and do that and it was a lot of fun! I felt like a bunch of rednecks haha we had a truck with a big rope tied around a tree to pull it out and it had America's Funniest Home Videos written all over it!! hahahaha luckily the truck didn't get ruined and the tree came out nice and clean after we dug around it and took a chainsaw to it a little! We had to leave that early to go to Debbie and Mark's house! We went there and helped to burn some of their burn piles and rake up some leaves! Then we had dinner with them and we shared a message with them! They showed us the parody video of the missionaries singing Adele's hello song and it was pretty dang funny haha look it up!

Thursday- We had another full day of service! We went back to Josh's house and we finished the roof on the shed finally!! It felt so good to finally finish it haha! Then I got to mow the lawn with their ride on lawn mower and I put it in 5th gear while I did it and boy was I flying around the yard hahaha it was awesome! Then we had dinner at their house and we played a game with them! We got to help make some cupcakes too so that was a lot of fun! 

Friday- We called into DTM and it went well! Then we went to finish the shed at the Shoobridge's house! We finally got it done and it was so nice! Then we helped to set up for their son's B day party and we got to stay for the party and be with the whole Parker Family! It was fun to get to play games with the kids and to interact with all the great members of that family! 

Saturday- Got to finally watch General Conference! It was so AMAZING!!!! I loved it! We watched the morning and afternoon sessions then we left to go get lunch and do service for a less active member! Then we went and we watched the priesthood session! After that we had helped Sam Parker clean the chapel then we went to his house for dinner and we shared a good message with them after! 

Sunday- We watched morning session of conference with the Branch! After that we went with some of the branch and sang some Hymns to people in an old folks home! It was so much fun to sing to them and they loved it! Then we went and had a quick lunch then it was back to watch the afternoon session of conference! After that we got to go to the Parker's house for their family dinner! We had a delicious meal and we got to share a great short and powerful message with them to end the night! 

I truly wish I could share with you guys all of the spiritual impressions that I received from conference but there were too many for me to write them all down! I felt my Savior's love for me and I felt the love that my Heavenly Father has for me unlike any other time in my life! We are all Children of God and he loves us so much! He is always there for us and He is cheering us on all the time! We need to follow the impressions that we got from conference and act on them! We received them for  a reason so do not ignore them! Don't get down on yourself ever! We all mess up and The Lord knew we would, that is why we have the Atonement! We are rewarded for trying to do our best, and we receive so many blessings from our Heavenly Father for our true desires of our hearts! I know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God and that this Church is the only true church on the Earth today! I love being a missionary for this Church and I love the happiness this Gospel brings me! 

Have a good week! Love you all! 

-Elder Jenson

golf course

doin work

woah.. what a hike.

cute little alex

probably saw a shark or something

werk it.. werk it.

just a hole in a rock.. he thought it was "sick"

he caught a crab... 

pulled down a tree


They finally finished... only took about 5 weeks... we're still proud

Choir crew.

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