Friday, September 2, 2016

peace and blessings

Sorry this is so late being posted. I'm a slacker.-- Aubrey

Tuesday- We had P day and it went pretty well! We went and played some basketball with some other elders and then we ended up playing some pick up ball with guys and we won.. no big deal! Then after that we had an appointment with Pat and Lez, Pat is the sister's investigator who was getting baptized later in the week. We had a nice dinner with them and then a lesson on the Book of Mormon after!

Wednesday- We started the day off with some tracting and we had no luck but everyone was really nice.. no one said we could come back though haha! Then we went and had a good lesson with Byron and we set a new baptismal date with him. We just gotta get him to quit smoking and he will be ready! Then after that we went and saw a less active member who has no legs due to his diabetes. He is a good guy and still has good faith! Then we went and had dinner before splits with the ward! For splits we went with Bro Hewson to go visit a family that we are assigned to home teach. In this ward the Elders get paired up with other priesthood holders to do home teaching so that is fun since all we do is visit people all day hahaha! 

Thursday- Man today was chocka block full of fun activities! First we went and helped a family in the ward move their stuff from storage into their new home. Then they treated us to a wonderful lunch from a delicious Thai restaurant! Then we went and visited one of our home teaching assignments Sister Pickles! I know her last name is awesome haha! Then after that we went and did some more service for Jared and Latisha! We helped them to start painting the inside of their house! Then we went to MCM with bro Tiananga and afterwards we had dinner at his house. Then we went home and did our weekly planning to end the night.

Friday- We had DTM in the morning followed by some district finding which all we did was tract and it went good we found two potentials so that was good! Then we went and had a lesson with Brendon about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It went really good and he even said the closing prayer for us! Baptismal date will be coming soon! Then we went and had dinner with Jared and Latisha and after we watched the short Restoration movie and it went really good! Then we went to Robert and Nicola's for a lesson and we set a baptismal date with Robert for September 24th! We finished the plan of salvation with them and it was solid!

Saturday- We went to watch our ward mission leaders son's footy game and it was fun to watch! It made me miss playing little league football on Saturday mornings haha gotta love the glory days! It was a good way to do some finding though. Then we went and took the wrong bus on accident into an area that isn't ours and we got another bus back to where we needed to go haha. We went and fixed the alternator on Jared and Latisha's car since my companion is a mechanic! Then we went to Pat's baptism at the chapel! It was solid she was so ready and it was a good experience! Best part was while she was getting changed and stuff, us 4 elders in the ward sang a hymn. We tried to do a cool mash up of two songs and it started so solid and then after the 2nd verse it all went down hill hahaha we started laughing and only one of us held it together and was able to keep singing hahaha at one point the whole congregation was laughing, luckily not too many people were there. Needless to say it was a train wreck and we rode that sinking ship all the way til the end baby! Then they asked us to sing another hymn after that hahaha we held it together for that one but man it was funny! Robert and Nicola were able to come to the baptism too so that was good for them. Then we took the train home and had some dinner! 

Sunday- Church was really good. Robert and Nicola came like usual, Byron and Brendon didn't make it but thats okay next week! After church we went with the other elders to go and give a blessing to a member who is working on becoming active again. Then we went and had some lunch and did some tracting after that! We had no luck but when you go tracting it is so funny all the different types of people you meet haha so many different religions, backgrounds, reactions, and attitudes haha! Then I had to go and update the recent convert list for the zone and after that we went home and did language study and had dinner! 

My spiritual thought this week is from Mosiah 24:14 "And I will also ease the burdens which are put upon your shoulders, that even you cannot feel them upon your backs, even while you are in bondage; and this will I do that ye may stand as witnesses for me hereafter, and that ye may know of a surety that I, the Lord God, do visit my people in their afflictions."

We are never alone in our trials and afflictions. God is just one prayer away. He has helped me and I know that He will do the same for you! Love you all have a good week! :) 

Elder Jenson

no suits today... 

I'm not really sure why he sent a picture of the moving truck... ? guess he always wants to remember it.

Getting ready to help move.

Storage sheds... again, I dont know why he needed a picture of it. 

He got caght mid-sentence... 

There we go.. what a cute pic. The new District. Only one new Elder.

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