Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Monday- We had a wonderful district P day down in Kiama at the beach! We played some sports on the field right by the beach and it was a beautiful day! Then we went and tried to follow up on potentials but they said come back another day. Then we went and saw a less active member and we shared a message with him about trials!

Tuesday- I had MLC (missionary leadership council) with all the other zone leaders, President Back, and the AP's! I got to drive up with Elder Hunt and it was a good time getting to chat on the long car ride haha. MLC was good we learned a lot about finding and we did a lot of role plays to help us improve our teaching! It was a long meeting haha it went until about 6 so then we went home that night from the meeting and we just got dinner and that was about it haha!

Wednesday- This was a slow day. We had some appointments fall through which was a bummer, but we did get to see Brendon and we taught him the Plan of Salvation and set him on baptismal date! We just need to get him to church now, which is tough because he can't drive haha. Then we went to FHE which was really good and after that we had MCM with our ward mission leader. Then we went on splits and Elder Foa'i and I went to visit sister Tyson with Bro. Tiananga which went really good. We were laughing so much while we were there and just having a good time there, I don't think I have laughed that hard in a long time! Then we got back to the chapel and we got to play some ball with the youth, I only dunked on like 6 of them.. no biggie ;)

Thursday- We had zone conference with Pres and Sis Back! It was an awesome meeting and man it was so inspiring! One big thing I took away from it was that the Gospel is the greatest gift any of us could be given! I never want to lose or walk away from this great gift! I love this Gospel so much!! President Back is so inspiring and I know I was called to this mission because of him! Then after the meeting we went and gave a less active member a blessing!

Friday- We had a day full of finding in the rain! Went out and did a lot of tracting and street contacting but there wasn't much luck haha. That night we did get to go and see Robert and Nicola which was awesome and they are doing really good and are on track for their baptisms! We got to do our weekly planning too which was good but also boring! What can ya do though gotta get it done!

Saturday- We went out and did a lot of finding once again! We had our appointment with Byron fall through so we went and just did some street contacting and we tracted too! We went and saw sister Fisher in the old folks home and man it was so funny because there were 3 ladies who were just off their block man haha they were just arguing with one another and they were rambling off about random stuff! It is sad that they are losing their minds but we couldn't help but laugh at the situation haha luckily Sister Fisher is still fully there! After that we did more finding to end the night and we got some food shouted for all of us by Brother Amone!

Sunday- Man it was a good day at church, but no one was really there haha almost everyone was out of town. Byron and Nicola came to church though so that was good! Robert was really sick so he couldn't make it! After church we went and did finding all day and it was alright but since it was Fathers day here no one wanted to talk to us haha. Crazy part of the week right here, we got home that night and noticed that our money jar with our grocery funds in it was missing so we all joked around like, okay who hid it and what not. Soon we realized that none of us had it, so we began to look around and we saw that the back door where the laundry room is, was open a little! We went outside and found the jar laying on the ground with no money on it! We called President Back and the cops and they came Monday morning to take finger prints and what not. Nothing else was taken or even touched, they just took the money and that was it! Pretty lucky that was all that they took. The cops think it was just a punk teenager who wanted some quick cash. Pretty scary but we got the place all locked up now so we should be good haha!

My thought this week is a quote from an 86 year old man in the ward, "If you want to know if the Gospel is true, live it awhile!" I couldn't have said it better myself! You will know this Gospel is true as you live it and experience the happiness it brings into your life! You will know it is true by its fruits :) Have a good week!

Elder Jenson

Beach day for PEE day

Now we know who's who

some of the zone

yeah BOI

I don't see a knee brace, mom.... Better get after him. 
"K you guys stand there and I'll push off your shoulders so I can jump REALLY high."

Fresh sea food.

The hulk

Elder Yardly and Elder Hunt

The AP's

tall drink of water right thurrr

Thanks Elder Davis, now Cam wants us to send him a year supply of mac and cheese... 

Cabbage. I don't think he even likes cabbage... 

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