Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Short quick week

Monday- We had a good p day at the beach where we hike to a little island called Windang Island! It was a lot of fun and we also tossed a football around on the beach.. guess you could say that we are locals now.. :) Then we went and had dinner with sister Tyson and we got to have a good lesson on prayer with her!

Tuesday- We got to do some finding in the morning which was fun and we had a few people somewhat interested! Then we went and taught Byron about the gospel of Jesus Christ and it went so well, he loved it! He still hasn't smoked and he is looking solid for his bap date on October 1st! Then we got to go and do some service for Jared and have a good chat with him! He was getting married this week on Saturday so he was excited about that! Then we got to go to the Roach's house for dinner and a lesson so that was awesome as usual!

Wednesday- We followed up on some potentials in the morning and one of them let us in but we didn't have like the best lesson with him because he couldn't get over all the bad things that happen in the world. Then we went to visit some Less actives but there was no luck with that so we went and helped set up for FHE at sister Tysons and we got done setting up really fast so we went and did some door knocking until FHE and it went alright haha we met some really weird people so that is always fun :) Then we had a nice party at FHE for all the bdays in September! Then we went to MCM and had splits after that! Our visit fell through so Bro Tiananga took us to KFC so that was pretty sick haha!

Thursday- Today we did so much service! We helped take a trailer load of rubbish to the junkyard for a member and he shouted us lunch after. Then we went up to the Roach's house to help out to collect wood for the ward bonfire later in the week! It was a good day of service there and they fed us dinner afterwards so how blessed were we? very blessed!

Friday- Had a solid DTM about talking with everyone while finding! I went out and did tracting with Elder Hunt's trainee Elder Olsen and it was a lot of fun! He is so good at tracting already haha I was impressed! Then after that we had to help out at a funeral for an old lady in the ward. It was a good service because it was her time to go, so no one was too sad. After the funeral we went and had a lesson with Robert and Nicola. We taught him the final lesson and planned out his baptism for next week! It was solid and he is so stoked to get baptized!

Saturday- We went and saw Keiran in the morning and shared a scripture with him to help him get coming back to church! Then we went up to the Roach's to help make the final preparations for the bonfire that was at their house! They own 86 acres so that just helps give you an idea of how big their property is haha! We got more wood for the fire, dug a massive hole with the excavator for the bush dunny (portable outhouse thing) and set up all the chairs and what not! The ward activity was so solid and everyone showed up! Made me feel bad because back at home I never went to ward activities haha so I am going to do my best to go to all the ward activities when I get home!

Sunday- We had our usual 3 at church and everything went really good! We got Robert his white jumpsuit for his baptism so he is feeling so ready for it! After church we got to go and have lunch with this non member family we met! The wife met Elder Foa'i and Elder Beazer when they were on trade offs and her husband is Samoan, so they wanted to have Elder Foa'i come over since he is from Samoa! So we went over yesterday and they were awesome! They fed us so much food! She made a bunch of traditional Samoan food for my comp and her husband and then she made me Lasagna, and she is Italian so man it was delicious!! It was good for my comp to get to talk to a fellow Samoan from Samoa and it went really well :) Then we went home and finally did our weekly planning for the week and it was solid!

I want to share a scripture from D&C 82:10, "I, the Lord, am bound when ye do what I say; but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise."
The Lord will always keep His word as long as we do what he commands us to do! I have felt this promise fulfilled so many times in my mission and I know that the Lord truly loves us and blesses us for following Him and for living His Gospel!

Elder Jenson

back in high school i could throw a pig skin over a thousand yards

Elder Foa'i and cam

windang island

oh look a beached whale

they see you ladies... except cam.. he only sees Bekah...

They caught him ridin dirty... shoooooooot

same with elder Foa'i

Wood for the fire that probably lasted a week.

Bro Roach

His favorite dog Deisel

He broke his leg

We didn't start the fire.. its been burnin since the worlds been turnin..

mmm big fire... plastic fork.... and a marshmallow... it probably ended well.

see... all is well... 

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