Monday, October 17, 2016

3 weeks late... oops

So transfers have come and gone and I am still here in Dapto with Elder Foa'i! I am stoked to still be here! Elders Densley and Beazer are still here too so nothing changed for us haha! It is day light savings here and so we sprung forward an hour because it is officially spring here! Sorry Utah haha! Here is my week!

Monday- We had a good P day up in Mittagong where we did a little bit of golfing! It was fun to be out there with everyone and man Elder Foa'i was good for never playing before haha! After P day we just went home and had dinner and got weekly numbers for the zone!

Tuesday- So we did some service in the morning which went really good and then we went to see Byron! He is doing good and we have a set date for the 14th of October for his baptism! He is so excited to be baptized and he is just a whole new person already it's awesome! Then we went to the Sa's house to share a message with them and set a time to come do service for them! Then we went and did some tracting, and after that we took Bro. Tiananga's golf clubs back to him and he took us to dinner with his family haha blessings baby!!:)

Wednesday- Had no success while tracting in the morning and so then we went and did some service for the Sa's until FHE! That went good and the Johnstones came so that was good! Then we went and tracted more and we taught a guy the restoration at his door and we gave him a Book of Mormon so we are excited to follow that up too! Then we had MCM at the Tiananga's home and we had dinner with them as well!

Thursday- Had weekly planning in the morning and after that we went and saw Keiran to see how he was doing. Then we went and tracted until we had dinner at Robert and Nicola's house! They fed all 4 of us Elders and it was a delicious slow cooked leg of lamb with all the fixings! They are the best! :)

Friday- We had a good DTM about asking inspired questions so we went and tried doing that while we were tracting after haha and it was pretty good, it got people to talk to us but no one was interested haha! We met another JW and I asked for one of their Bibles so I have two of them now haha! Then Elder Beazer and I did tradeoffs and we went and saw Klaus and shared a message with him and his wife. After that we had Robert and Nicola again just for a lesson this time and we read Alma 14 with them! I invite you all to read it, there are so many awesome lessons in that chapter that we can learn from for our daily lives!

Saturday- We spent the day cleaning our flat until we got details and after the details we went and I gave a baptismal interview to a Chinese guy who is getting baptized and his English wasn't that good but I could tell that he was ready through the promptings I felt from the Spirit! Then we went to the Roach's house to have a farewell type dinner but no one was leaving so we called it a celebration dinner haha they fed us heaps of delicious food!

Sunday- This was the best fast Sunday I have ever had! After church we went and started tracting for like 2 and a half hours! It went really good too! I wasn't hungry or thirsty while doing it, and we met some awesome people! One was Gayle who is a good potential that we taught at her door and we gave her a Book of Mormon so we will follow that up this week! Then we went and met with a Less active member who said he is too lazy to come back so I lovingly rebuked him and told him that this Gospel is the most important thing he could pursue in his life and I told him we are willing to help him come back if he has the desires. We will see if he ever calls us or anything haha. Then we had a bomb dinner to end the night and end our fast!

Monday- We went tracting in the morning and the first door we knocked was this Greek lady who needed help with yard work so we mowed her lawn right there in full proselyting clothes haha it was awesome to help her out and I felt so good after! Then we went and did some more service for the Sa's and had some food with them! Then we went to Wollongong to sign the baptismal record and to meet up with Elder Bradley and his comp because Elder Bradley is the new ZL, because Elder Hunt got transferred :( I gave him the run down on how to do things and it should be good! I love Elder Bradley! Then we went home and had dinner!

I get to watch General Conference this weekend and I am hoping you all watched it this week! Remember, if we take the words that were spoken and we act on them, then it is considered counsel. But if we don't act on the messages and the spiritual promptings we received, then it is considered entertainment. Decide now to make it counsel and not entertainment! Have a good week!

trouble maker

some of his zone 
the cutest

....nice bum... where ya from?

He does work sometimes..

finally got a package from home.. spoiled boy.

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