Monday, October 17, 2016

more baptisms

Here is a quick recap of my week!

Monday- We had a good P day just going out and playing golf!! It was good weather and the course was nice haha so it was a good day! Then at night time we went and had dinner with Sister Tyson and a lesson too!

Tuesday- I was at MLC all day with Elder Bradley and the other ZL's and STL's! We talked a lot about fortifying ourselves against sin, so I will probably train on that at our ZTM! So after having that all day in Mortdale, we were driving home and we got caught in awful traffic haha it took us almost 3 times as long to get home haha it sucked! Elder Bradley and I had some good talks though haha!

Wednesday- We had MCM in the morning and after that we got to go and do some service at the Roach's! We helped with putting a metal beam in on his massive shed haha! Then we had a lot of visits fall through so we went and saw Klaus! After our visit with him we had to go and plan out Byron's baptism and we made the program for it!

Thursday- I was on trade offs with Elder Densley! He interviewed Byron in the morning and he passed! Then we went and did some tracting and we prayed to meet a humble man and BOOM we met a guy named Grant who was humble as and he said we could come back haha it was cool! Then we went and interviewed another baptismal candidate for the sisters and it went good! Then we went and had a lesson with Kieran and taught him about the power of the priesthood! Then we got some news that night that Beazer was getting ET'd out of Dapto to go down to Ulladulla because there is a girl there that liked one of the Elders haha so now we have Elder Scofield in Dapto and he is the man! We will miss Beazer though because he is the man!

Friday- It was a full on day! We had DTM and some finding after that! Then we went back to the chapel and we had interviews with President plus we had to set up for Byron's baptism! The baptism was so good! A lot of people showed up and he was so happy! Some of his family even came to support him! It was just such a cool thing to see him be baptized and how happy he was!

Saturday- We had service for the Sa's in the morning and it was good! We mowed their lawn and then we caught a wrong bus on the way home so we had to do a little more walking then we wanted to haha! Then we went to the chapel for the baptisms that were happening! We had a 10 year old girl and an 8 year old girl get baptized! It was a good service haha it was kinda funny though because the 8 year old girl had to get dunked 4 times because her dad messed up the prayer and stuff and then the 8 year old had to get dunked 3 times hahaha so we were joking that we had 7 baptisms that day haha! After the baptisms we went and helped a member's sister move into her new flat!

Sunday- Church was awesome as usual! Byron got confirmed and as soon as it was over all he said was "wow." haha it was awesome! Then after church we got a less active member's lighters off of him to help him quit smoking and we took the sacrament to a couple who cant come to church! Then we went and saw Nicola and Robert! We gave Nicola's daughter Vanessa a blessing and we also got to share a message with them! They are all doing good though! Then we went home and did our weekly planning and had a good dinner!

We meet a lot of people who say that there can't be a God because of all the bad things that happen in the world. What we need to realize is that God allows our agency and he will not rob us of that! Some people use their agency for good and others for bad and their are results and consequences because of that! The bad things in life make us stronger and build us into the person God wants us to be! Instead of looking at all the negative things in the world, look at all the beautiful things in the world from God and look at all the blessings instead of the negatives! God is there and he is our Loving Heavenly Father! I testify that He lives and so does His son Jesus Christ! They love us and they are REAL!!! Love you all!

Elder Jenson

I guess its all play no work

dropped his elbow

oh hi

maybe he got a hole in one? YEAAAAH RIGHT


da boys w/ the prez

the zone with the prez

he got my package haha

white teeth..

the cutest 

we love him.. but hes an idiot

a tender moment


wooo hooo lookin good

yeah buddy

so cute dancing date.... 

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