Thursday, March 3, 2016

almost got punched in the face... by a kangaroo

This has been a good week and a busy one! I will give yous the rundown!

Monday- We were still in Canberra so we emailed at the Australian National Library so that was pretty sick! Then after that we went to the chapel and played games with the whole zone! It was a good time haha all the elders got pretty competitive, go figure hahaha! So after that we went to Costco with an Elder who has a Costco card and got American shredded cheese, Krusteese pancake mix, and skippy peanut butter! The cheese here sucks so it was nice to get some good cheese :) Then we stayed one more night in Canberra because President didn't want us driving home so late.

Tuesday- We went and helped the Woden elders with some service that morning. After we did some service we packed up and started driving back home. When we got back we went to the Shoobridge's house to do some service for them. We helped to build a massive shed for them, it isn't done yet so we have a project to work on for a little now! Then we had dinner with them and shared a message about how much our earthly and Heavenly parents love us! 

Wednesday- We went back to the Shoobridge's home and worked on the shed some more and then we talked with him for a little! Then we went home and showered and had some dinner! After that we went to one of our investigators house and we talked to them for a little. They were too tired for a message but it was good to talk with them for a little! Then we went to the game night again and talked to everyone there! They all enjoy us coming around and it is good exposure for us because they are all non members! 

Thursday- We went and volunteered at Potaroo Palace which is like a zoo and we just raked leaves to make the paths look better for people to walk on! Inside the zoo they have kangaroos jumping around freely so I got to pet a kangaroo and it was hectic!! I was so scared hahaha but I guess these ones are harmless so they wouldn't attack me so that was good! There was also some Dingoes, owls, flying foxes, wallabies, Koala, and wombats there! Then we did weekly planning adn went to a PEC meeting with the branch presidency!

Friday- We had to call in to listen to ZTM  and we did a nice workout while we listened to the training! Then we went home and had some lunch, visited our neighbors Tom and Ian who are non members and then we went to the Branch activity at the park for some snags on the barbie and a game of footy! I didn't truck any by standers this time thankfully! Some of the kids in the Branch are Less active and Elder Laga'aia is so good at talking with everyone and he is always so happy that he can get them to talk and pen up so that was awesome to see! 

Saturday- We went to the branch activity at the lake where all the primary was there and they invited some of their non member friends which is a great time for us missionaries to establish a good friendship with them and show them that we are just normal humans :) So we walked like 500 meters from the lake to the beach with some of the guys from the branch to watch them do some boogie board surfing and the waves were so big! They have been big because of the Cyclone that hit Fiji! So that was a fun time to mingle with members and nonmembers all day! Then that night on of the members took us to an Indian restaurant and I have never had Indian food before but it was really good! Mine was pretty spicy so I sweat a lot while eating and drank a lot of water but it was good! 

Sunday- We had a special broadcast for the pacific stakes only and we got to hear from some auxiliary leaders and general authorities! My favorite talks were by Elder Cook and the general president of Sunday School! They both talked on using Scripture study, prayer, and church attendance as a way to fight temptation that comes our way and how if we do those three things that we will keep our faith nourished and we will stay strong in the church! Then after church we had a slow basic day, we did some studies, met with Tom and Ian and planned out our week a little more!

My spiritual thought for the week is on the three basic gospel principles that we need to do everyday and every week. Prayer, scripture study, and weekly church attendance! I know that if we have fervent morning and night prayers with our Father in Heaven we will have his Spirit with us and we will have the guidance that we need and also the strength we need to get through the day! Scripture study WITH prayer is another huge thing for us! As we read and ponder the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon we will connect with the Heavens and draw closer to our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ! Last but not least Church attendance is what caps it all off! That is where we get to dedicate 3 hours of our time to learning of Jesus Christ and His Gospel and it is where we get to renew our covenants with our Father in Heaven by partaking of the Sacrament! We have the Lord's promise that as we partake of the sacrament worthily and keep his commandments that we will ALWAYS have His Spirit to be with us! I know these 3 things can keep us all strong during the days and weeks and even years! I know that by doing these things that our faith will increase and we will never have to worry about falling away from this Gospel! I know these things help and that they have so much power to change us and make us who our Heavenly Father wants us to be! I love you all have a good week and let me know if you ever need anything or if you have any questions shoot me an email! 

Elder Jenson

plate spinners

blurry plate spinners

The national library

da boyz on P-day

who knew Cam was capable of building things? Not me

UFC workouts are pretty intense?


Look at the look the kangaroo is giving Cam haha. He was a little nervous if you couldn't tell

the lake

da trio at the lake

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