Tuesday, March 15, 2016

such a G catching fish out of the ocean

Monday- We just did emailing, shopping, and got some haircuts. Then we went to the Shoobridge's home for dinner! We played spike ball with them and it was a lot of fun! Elder Cherrington and I beat Josh and Naomi pretty soundly! It was a fun night with them!

Tuesday- We had a pretty slow day this day up until we did some service for the Parkers! We got there and we did some concreting for their new aviary that we built! I learned how to mix concrete and stuff so that was pretty cool! Then we went inside and talked with Mark who is the dad of the family and he is just the man. He is so down to earth and he loves to talk and tell stories hahaha and Debbie (his wife) always asks him to do stuff but he is partially deaf so he doesn't hear her plus he just ignores her a lot too, it can be pretty funny! Then we ate some prawn that they caught the night before and I learned how to shell a prawn and take its head off so that was cool! The prawn was really fresh and delicious! Then we shared a message with them about having faith in Christ and having your burdens be made light through Him!

Wednesday- We came to Family History at the Chapel and we did some more family history! I got to watch some of the Face to Face with Elder Holland and it was really cool to hear some advice from an apostle of God! Then after that we went and did some service at the Walker's house. Then we taught Atika the Restoration of the Gospel and we moved her Baptism to one week earlier on April 2nd! We are so excited for her to be baptized! Then after that we went and had dinner and went over to Tom's to visit him! 

Thursday- We went and worked on the shed for the Shoobridges and got some of the roof done. Then we went to a funeral service for a lady from the branch. I never met her but it was cool to get to know her through her funeral service. Going to funeral's are a really spiritual experience for me, it is so comforting to know that they are resting from their cares and sorrows in a paradise. I know life continues to on after this life and I am so grateful for that! Then after that we went to the luncheon at a golf club and we sat with Atika and her sister Hailey. While we were eating Atikia brought up her baptism without us saying anything! She is so excited to be baptized and its cool to get to work with her to get her to the big day! Then after that we had splits with some of the branch presidency and I got to go with Josh Shoobridge! He is the man! We had no luck with our visits, but we found out that some people have moved haha but we had some good talks and he shouted me a shake and a mcmuffin from maccas! Pretty solid day!

Friday- We had our ZTM over the phone! It sucks not being able to be there for the trainings in person haha but what can ya do! Then we went to the Branch activity later that night at the park. We played touch footy with all the kids and the Branch President and we ate some good food together! Then we went over to Tom's house to visit him and have a good chat! Pretty slow and boring day to be honest haha.

Saturday- We woke up and went to Sam and Mandy Parker's house for some delicious breakfast! Then we helped to set up a tent for their son's birthday party later in the day. Then we left there and went to hurry and go help out our neighbor to move his old fridge out and put the new one in! Then after that we went back to the Parker's house to help them out some more with setting up with the party. Mandy bought these water balloons that fill up 30 of them all at once and we filled them up for her and after that she gave us some extras to fill up for ourselves so my comps and I had an awesome water balloon fight! Then we helped decorate some more and whatever else needed to be done. Then we got invited to stay for the party and we helped out with everything and helped eat all the food :) haha we got to mingle with non members and show our fun side so that was nice! Then after that we went fishing with our neighbor that we helped move his fridge earlier in the day! We went right to the beach behind our flat (2 minute walk) and we fished with him for a couple hours and got to know him better! He is an old guy and you can hardly understand what he says haha but he likes us and we like him! I caught the only fish that night and I think that it was one of the biggest fish I have ever caught! I felt pretty G catching a fish out of the ocean in Australia haha pretty cool accomplishment! Then we went and got some late night maccas for dinner after that!

Sunday- We went to church and one of our investigators Kylea came because she is finally back in town! We taught her the Restoration during Sunday School and had her friend in the Branch Sister Wright sit in on the lesson with us. The Spirit was so strong in that lesson! It was the coolest first lessons I have taught on my mission by far! We invited her to be baptized onApril 9th and she said yes! She said that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has filled a hole in her life that she didn't know was there! She said that she feels like she has finally found what she has been looking for her whole life! I was on the verge of tears when she told us that and I was just so blown away and so ecstatic for her and the decision she has made! Man it was just so legit! I love being a missionary!! We don't get to teach that many lessons here so that's why this was so cool and such a big deal haha! We now have two baptisms one week apart! We are truly feeling blessed down here in Merimbula! Then we went to Branch Council and after that we went home for some lunch! Then we went to Bega to take the Sacrament to two sisters but one was not feeling well that day so we only got to see one, which was still good and we were happy about it! Then we did some studies and watched Mormon Messages at the flat and ate dinner! 

My spiritual message of the week is on our choices we make. 

"This life is the time to prepare to meet God. We are a happy, joyous people. We appreciate a good sense of humor and treasure unstructured time with friends and family. But we need to recognize that there is a seriousness of purpose that must under gird our approach to life and all our choices. Distractions and rationalizations that limit progress are harmful enough, but when they diminish faith in Jesus Christ and His Church, they are tragic." - Elder Quentin L. Cook from his talk "Choose Wisely"
We must never take our eye off of our Savior Jesus Christ and we must always make choices that are in line with his teachings. As we do, we will be blessed beyond our imagination and we will be lead to greater things and our happiness will increase! I testify that to be true! 
I love you guys have a good week!! :) 

-Elder Jenson 😊

At this rate... they wont finish the shed for another year or so.

With Emmit at the funeral

Da boyz



cuz one picture of the three of them wasn't enough haha

Elder Laga'aia burning one of his 3 shirts left for his year mark

Strike a pose.. realizing that will be his shirt one day

Strike a pose

after the water balloon fight... I wonder if he ever works? haha

massive balloon

He lives the dream life

Only one to catch a fish boiiii

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