Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter E-mail

Man it has been a fast week! Here is the run down for ya!

Monday- We had a normal P day! We emailed, shopped, and had food! Then we went to the Shoobridge's house as usual for family home evening! We went on a nice little bush walk (hike) to a place called Boulder Bay! It was pretty sick I will send some photos of it! Then we went and had some din din at their house and had a nice spiritual chat.

Tuesday- Today was a day full of service! We started off at Norma and Maurice Wright's house to help move everything out of their garage to clean it out and then we moved it all back in into a nice orderly fashion. The blessing of helping them is Norma's cooking! She is a master chef! She made some bomb biscuits along with a nice grilled corn beef and cheese sandwich and we had some pancakes for dessert! I was stuffed! After we helped them we went out to Bega to the Walker's house to teach Atika and to dig up some of their grass! After we did that we went to the Parker's house for dinner! We got to play cricket with all the kids for ages and they loved it! Then we had dinner and shared a message about all the good things we do that we may not notice we are doing and it was great! 

Wednesday- We taught Kylea in the morning about the commandments and wouldn't ya know it, she accepted all of them and is already living like all of them! We always tell her that she is our golden investigator and she loves it haha. Then we stayed and helped out at the FHC and we had quite a bit of people come in and check it out since there are a lot of people here on vacation at the moment! Then we went and taught Atika again about the commandments as well! After that we went to a place called Infuse for Cymon and Nahomi's birthday dinner! It was us and the whole Parker Family haha it was a lot of fun and the food was bomb! 

Thursday- We got to go to Ulludulla to do trade offs with Elder Smith and his comp! It was so much fun being with him again! It was just like old times haha we work really well together and we make the work so much fun and that is key with missionary work! Him and I are so good at bouncing jokes back and forth off of each other haha it reminds me of how Dalton Dallimore and I were at home when we would just crack jokes hahaha. So I got to go to a teaching appointment that night with Smith and Cherrington and it was an awesome lesson! We got to have dinner at the Branch President's house and we taught the investigator at their home about the Restoration and it was great!

Friday-we got to go to a special DTM in Narooma with President and Sister Back, which is why we got to go to Ulludulla to do trade offs with Smith and his comp! The four companionships that were there were all from small, tough areas in the south coast. So we got to sit down with all of us and have a nice open discussion about the best ways to do missionary work in these small and tough areas and we got to vent a little about how tough they are haha! He said to look for opportunities to get involved with the communities and to do service for people! I love doing service it is a lot of fun! He also gave us permission to go fishing on the dock for a finding idea! All he said is to think outside of the box for finding and to stay in missionary mode which is easy to do! The awesome part is that President and Sister Back know that our areas are tough and so they don't get mad if we struggle there with the work because they know it is a tough and slow area! It was nice to get to vent a little and to hear some new finding ideas! They know Australia is a tough place to serve and especially our areas and they are open about it haha they don't expect us to be teaching 40 lessons a week but they just expect us to keep trying hard and make the most of what we have. We also talked a lot about planting seeds with them. Sister Back said that we need to measure our success in our mission with how many seeds we plant and not how many baptisms we have. She gave the idea to get a jar and to put seeds in it that night for however many seeds you planted that day, which I love and I might start doing because it makes ya feel better at the end of the day haha especially the long days! It is tough here with the work but not as bad as some places so I still feel very fortunate haha! Then we got to do some sight seeing with Pres and Sister Back in Narooma just because we are in tough areas and they wanted to treat us to something nice haha so that was a lot of fun! Then we drove home and had dinner and called it a night!

Saturday- We went to Sam and Mandy Parker's house for breakfast and then we went to this family fun park and did service on the bike track because Sam rides his bike there and he knows the owner! He was really grateful for the help! Then we did some more service at Debbie Parker's parents house in Pambulla! It is a beautiful place! We just did a lot of yard work and we missionaries finished it before anyone else got there because they were all late haha then we had a BBQ with everyone and then we went home! 

Sunday- We had church and we taught Kylea and Atika their final lessons, not at the same time obviously haha. So now they both just need to be interviewed! They are also getting baptized on the same day now which is the 2nd of April! We are stoked for it! Then we went to branch council after church which was good. Then we went home and had lunch and went and took the sacrament to Bega! While we were there we got a call inviting us to Easter dinner at the Parker's home with everyone! We got to do a fun Easter egg hunt with the kids and we had a delicious meal! It is so fun being around all of them they are like family! Then we shared a good Easter message with them and went home!

Monday- It was a public holiday so we didn't have P day! We went to Dylan's (Ben and Cymon Parker's kid) Birthday party at Mandeni, which is the family fun park where we did service on Saturday! We got to interact with some non members at the park and it was good! We also got to hit a bucket of balls at the driving range and the driving range is a big lake so that was so sick! My game is still weak though haha! Then we went to Josh and Nahomi's house for family home evening and we did another bush walk to a place called Games Bay! It was a beautiful hike! Then we shared the new mormon message with them called A Shower of Blessings.

My spiritual message this week is from 2 Nephi 2:8 

"Wherefore, how great the importance to make these things known unto the inhabitants of thearth, that they may know that there is no flesh that can dwell in the presence of God, save it be through the merits, and mercy,and grace of the Holy Messiah, who layeth down hilife according to the flesh, and taketh it again by the power of the Spirit, that he may bring to pass the resurrection of the dead, being the first that should rise."

Because Christ died for our sins and rose again on the third day, we too will be resurrected and live again after we die! How awesome is that! I am grateful for my Savior not only during this Easter season but every day! I love him and without him I would be nothing and I would have no hope! I know the Atonement is real and I know we can live again and we can live with our families and our Father in Heaven and His son Jesus Christ! 

Love you all have a good week! :)

-Elder Jenson 

cute little Alex and the Elders

oooo model status... probably self timer

nice dreads

Selfie with da man (Prez. Back.)

Cam has a weird fear of birds... I'm impressed with how close he actually got

the boys... Left to right Elders Laga'aia, smith, (no idea who the guy is with the sunglasses.. assuming Smith's comp) Elder Cherrington, and Cam.

6 Hours away from the mission office means packages build up.. You're welcome, Cam... 

The district

Australia Rock

Senior mission couple, Brother and Sister Jensen

Nice glasses, bro. Sister Back and Cam.

The blue pools.. I want to go.


Yard workin

Elder Laga'aia

Golfers The driving range at Mandeni!
Elder Cherrington, Cam, and Elder Smith

Little Alex was a little tired this day
This isn't real life....Boulder Bay

Games Bay
Steve Irwins worst nightmare.

Johnny boy and Cammy boy

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