Monday, March 7, 2016


Monday- After we emailed we went to the Shoobridge's house to play some card game with Josh and then we did some service for them by helping with their shed and some other yard work. Then we had some delicious stuffed zucchini for dinner! Twas a pretty good day!

Tuesday- We finally got money on our church card and so we went and did our grocery shopping and bought heaps of groceries to stock up the flat! Then we went back to the Shoobridges house to help with more service and after that we went to the Parker's house to do more service them! We helped to clean up the yard and build an aviary! I am learning a lot of cool little things here like how to build heaps of different stuff, yard work, and concreting! Look out world lol! Then we had dinner at the Parker's house and we shared a mormon message called Refiners Fire and it was really good go watch it!

Wednesday- We went to Bega to visit some less actives and man we had no luck hahaha everyone has either moved or they are not interested in the church anymore! We did tract around a couple houses around the Less active's houses and we got a potential that we will follow up on next week! Then we went to discuss having a sit down with one of our investigators Atika who is 15 and her mom so we can discuss our goals for her and invite her to be baptized. Her mom is a member of the church and her and her 3 foster kids come every week. The other two have been baptized but Atika has not yet been so we want to make that happen! Then we went and helped Josh for a little again that night then we had some pizza that Elder Cherrington's dad ordered for us from America! It was so good! Then we did some more studies to end the night since after like 8 here there isn't anything for us to do unless we are at a member appointment.

Thursday- Since our area is so massive and we only have so many k's we can use for the month with our car we can only go to some parts of our area like once a month and so we went to Quaama to visit a less active who used to be a mission presidents wife! She remarried a new guy who is in the Anglican Church! She seemed like she still had strong faith and that she still loves the church! She said that she loves the light that she see's from us, after we shared our message with her! So Quaama is really close to an area called Narooma which is in the south coast zone and its where the Senior Couple missionaries the Jensens are serving and they have been wanting us to come up for dinner for awhile. There was two people that are getting baptized in Narooma and they needed to be interviewed and so Elder Jensen got permission to have Elder Cherrington and I give the interviews so we got to go up to Narooma and see all the cool sites to see there with the Jensens then we went to give the interviews which was so cool to do for the first time! It is great to see the light in the eyes of those who are ready to make that covenant with our Heavenly Father! I love this gospel and the power it has to change lives! It is so true!! So then we went back to the Jensens for a massive feed with them and the sister missionaries in Narooma and their Branch President and his wife! Then we drove home which took like an hour and fifteen minutes so not too bad! 

Friday- We called into DTM in the morning/afternoon time and listened to the training. Kinda hard to hear it all haha. Then we went and did some service for the Walkers and after that we went home and showered super fast and drove out to Wyndham to have dinner with the Wrights! They are the parents of the branch president, and they are from England. We had a delicious traditional English meal with all the veggies, meat, yorkshire pudding, and sticky date pudding! It was so good!! Then we played a nice game of Rummiking! It was way fun I like that game! Then we shared a message with her and her husband who is less active! Great day and better night! 

Saturday- Went to the Shoobridge's to do some more service for them. We worked on the shed for like two hours and got all the bracing screwed in! Then we went home and made some food. Then we went to one of the many Parker's kids house and did service for Sam and Mandy! We helped clean up the yard and move some stuff off the side of the house so that there was no where for snakes to live in haha the snake they saw in their yard not too long ago was a way poisonous one so we were very careful not running into that haha luckily we never saw it. We did catch some lizards though so that was fun! Then after working in the yard until the sun went down we made some dinner! After that we sat down and discussed missionary work with them. They are prime examples of members helping the missionaries with the work! They have a list of people they want to share the Gospel with and thy are setting up ways that we can meet them! 

Sunday- We had church which went really good. After church we met with Atika and her mom to discuss what our plan and goals are for her. We set a baptismal date with her for April 9th! We are hoping that it can be bumped up a little closer but we are so excited about setting her on a date! The Lord has really helped prepare her and The Spirit was so strong when she accepted the invitation to be baptized! Then we went and took the sacrament around to the elderly sisters that can't make it to church. After that we tried to do some LA visits but we had no luck! Then we went home and broke our fast with a delicious meal that was ground beef, cream of mushroom soup, all over rice with peas on top! Then we did some studies after dinner and called it a night!

My spiritual thought for the week is Alma 37:37, Counsel with the Lord iall thy doings, and he will direct thee for goodyea, whethou liest down at night lie down unto the Lord, that he may watch over you in your sleep; and when thou risest in the morning let thy heart be full of thanks unto God; and if ye do these things, ye shall be lifted up at the last day.

 we must have constant communication with our Father in Heaven morning and night. As we do the Spirit will be with us and we will have direction from the Lord. The Lord wants to hear from us, he misses us and loves to hear our voices when we pray to him. 

Love you all have a good week!

Love, Elder Jenson

 Cool rocks in Bermagui which is in our area

da gang

they have a new gang sign... they're the coolest

"camel rock" it looks more like "dragon rock" if you ask me.

Big Majestic mountain

Mystery Bay

Where they baptize in Narooma

LOOK! It's a seal

Cute lil' guy

Australia Rock

View from Jensen's Flat

the drive home

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